All About Me

By: Amy Truong

My Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is a dog. They are just adorable! I love all dogs, but I prefer dogs with soft fur because I like to cuddle. I My family used to have a teacup size chihuahua, and it was the sweetest and most loyal pet ever!

I Play the Piano

Piano is my favorite instrument. I've been playing the piano for 6 years. During first grade my mom was recommended a piano teacher by one of her friends, she asked me if I'd like to play and I said yes! From then, we went and bought a great Yamaha piano that was just right for me. It was made out of a smooth polished wood, and made the most beautiful sound. Now after 6 years, it still does.

I Like to Play Soccer.

I am not really good at it, but it's enjoyable for me. During the summer I would go outside whenever I can to play soccer with my brother and cousins. We would have so much fun. Sometimes our parents would join us and we'd have a big soccer game! I am thinking about trying out for soccer this year as well. I hope I make it!

My Favorite Food is Fried Chicken

I love fried chicken. Usually, on Fridays my parents would take my brother and I out for Popeyes chicken. We like to call it Fried Chicken Fridays. I prefer Popeyes over KFC chicken. I always will no matter how much my brother disagrees.

My Favorite Color is Blue.

BLUE! BLUE! BLUE! I just can never get enough of the color blue! My room will soon be painted blue, I have a blue bed & pillowcase, I'm starting to buy lots of blue clothes, I am getting a blue Iphone case, blue shoes, and basically everything else in blue! I have caught a case of the blue addiction

My Favorite Subject is Math

On any give day, my favorite subject is still math. For me math is a fun activity, and I enjoy solving the math problems. This year my math teacher is Ms. Keaton, and she is fabulous. She is helping me experience 7th grade math to the fullest!