Upton Beall Sinclair, Jr.


Career Objective

Passionate, creative, and innovative writer with several awards and published works seeking a position in investigative journalism.


City College of New York, Manhattan, NY

  • obtained Bachelor of Arts in English literature
  • studied 1893-1897

Columbia University, New York, NY

  • studied 1897-1901

Professional Experience

Published Works

  • produced nearly one hundred books
  • published some of his own work
  • discussed social and economic studies
  • sold more than 150,000 copies of The Jungle in its first year of publication

Involved in Chicago Stock Yard Investigation

  • evaluated the condition of stock yards undercover in a novel
  • awakened public's eye to an unregulated food industry
  • invited to White House by President Theodore Roosevelt
  • consulted with the President which spurred the investigation of the Chicago stock yards
  • provided inspiration for the Federal Meat Inspection Act of 1906

Awards and Achievements


  • received Nobel Prize for literature nomination, 1932

  • presented New York Newspapers Guild Page One award, 1962

  • won United Auto Workers Social Justice award,1962

  • awarded Pulitzer Prize, 1943, for Dragon’s Teeth


  • accumulated at least $1 million from his publications
  • contributed money to reform causes
  • founded League for Industrial Democracy
  • assembled End Poverty in California league
  • aided in United States government investigation of Chicago stock yards
  • exposed political and commercial corruption


Theodore Roosevelt

President of the United States

  • demonstrated outstanding investigative skills

Sinclair demonstrated outstanding investigative skills through discovering the grotesque horrors of the meat industry. He researched these issues under cover at the Chicago stock yards. By doing this, he brought great awareness to these places that led to massive improvement.

  • proved to be cooperative in working toward a common goal

When asked to meet at the White House, Sinclair was cooperative and genuinely interested in working toward improving the conditions of meat processing. As an individual, he is easy to work with and passionate about his subjects.