Monroe Memos

What's Happening?


January 27- Kath Mische 30- Cathi Chandler

February 2- Kelly Schneider 3- Liz Creer

8- Andrea Wagner 10- Becky Holtgrieve

21- Jen Centini

This Week...


  • Reading analysis sheet due
  • Leadership Team Meeting- 7:45a.m.


  • District administrator's meeting- Kim Harris subbing all day.
  • Data Meetings
  • Baby shower for Lauren at 4:00
  • ERD- Families 9:00-9:30, PD at Monroe in afternoon. Lunch before ERD, treat team providing.

Next Week...


  • PGP overview for probationary teachers 4:05-4:30 in library.


  • Faculty Meeting, 7:30a.m. Central Office coming to present on bond issue.


  • Elementary Principal's meeting in a.m.
  • Book Fair Preview Day


  • Book Fair
  • Pizza Bingo
  • PGP overview for probationary teachers 8:00-8:25 in library.


  • Book Fair

AESOP Update

For those who are interested in learning more about AESOP here is the plan:

  • Jean and Sue will be meeting with Debbie Wilcox to receive more training on the teacher side of AESOP.
  • Once that happens sessions will be sent out so that groups of no more than 4 can come in and get trained. Stay tune for more details from the office.
Jen C.- Such excitement in your room during reading workshop! So fun seeing how many of your kiddos are working on writing about their reading. You've worked hard to learn more about the Independent Reading Assessment and used that information to help deepen a rather high group of kiddos! You should be proud of the time you've given to find ways to challenge the readers in your room who are ready to go deeper. Everyone was engaged and excited to talk about their books. There was a great feel about the love of reading all around. Thank you for constantly digging in and being a learner, can't wait to hear more celebrations at data meetings this week!

James- Thanks for being a steady and calm force around the heart of our school- the library! Everyone is working to build a love for reading and you are always willing to do whatever it takes to deepen that love and keep up with what's of interest to our kiddos. I appreciate that anytime you're asked to help out somewhere you do so with a willing heart and quick, "no problem!" Thank you for initiating new ideas and always thinking to the future- your efforts go a long way in keeping us all in the loop on what's a buzz with kid books!

A glance at February...

14- Valentine's Parties at 2:30

15- Town Hall

16- End of Trimester 2 / PGP's due for probationary teachers

17- ERD- 9:00 Assembly, 9:30 Families, Horizontal PD Day Report cards due for printing.

20- No School

21- 7:30-8:30 Conferences. 15 minutes conferences unless retention or critical concern.

22- Conferences 4:00-8:30 with 30 minute dinner.

23- ERD 7:30-8:30a.m. conferences. 1:00-4:30 conferences

24- No School

28- Faculty Meeting

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