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From the Desk of the Principals - February 24, 2017

Tonight is our annual PTO Family Fun Night at Eudora Elementary, starting at 5:00pm in the gym and hallways of EES! Festivities include Bingo for prizes, a cake walk, pizza and other concessions for purchase, along with raffles for a variety of baskets of prizes. Some highlights of the night include blackout bingo prizes of a Kindle Fire and tickets to a KU men’s basketball game on February 27. More information can be found at the EES PTO facebook page at

From field trips, to classroom supplies, to playground equipment, to school assemblies, to our rock climbing wall, to outdoor learning facilities, to our school-wide play day in May...we give all thanks to our wonderful EES PTO. Through fundraising and many volunteer hours, we are greatly impacted every day in our building by the work of so many parents through PTO events. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can help with EES PTO, come join a monthly meeting on April 11 or May 9, 6:30 pm in the EES library.

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Principal For a (Half) Day at EES

The first “Principal for a (Half) Day” program, sponsored by the Eudora Schools Foundation, is scheduled for Wednesday, March 1st. This program gives local community and business leaders a-close-up view of a day in the life of a principal. Participants will spend a morning with school principals to better understand their complex roles and to gain perspective on the school system from within. Community leaders, in turn, will share expertise and provide perspective on their business’ needs and opportunities for collaboration. “Inviting the community into our schools is mutually beneficial,” said Shanda Hurla, ESF Executive Director, “This event creates a terrific opportunity for future partnerships that will benefit our vibrant community as a whole.”

Each guest principal will spend time with the principals, faculty, and students, sharing ideas and learning about the school’s day-to-day operations.

To learn more about the Eudora Schools Foundation, please click here.

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Does Your Child Have a Fixed or Growth Mindset?

We used to think that our intelligence was fixed - meaning we were either smart or we weren't. Scientists have proven again and again that this is simply not true. Our brain acts like a muscle - the more we use it, the stronger (and smarter) our brain becomes.

Is Your Mindset Fixed? A person with a fixed mindset may do these things:

  • avoid challenges
  • give up easily
  • ignore feedback
  • become threatened by other people's success
  • try hard to appear as smart or capable as possible

What Does a Growth Mindset Look Like? A person with a growth mindset may do these things:

  • embrace challenges
  • give their best effort
  • learn from feedback
  • become inspired by other people's successes
  • believe their intelligence can change if they work hard

How Can You Help Your Child Develop a Growth Mindset?

TALK ABOUT IT - Talk with your child about his or her day, but guide the discussion by asking questions like:

  • Did you make a mistake today? What did you learn?
  • What did you do that was difficult today?

ENCOURAGE FAILURE (say what?) - Your child needs to know that failure can (and often does) happen and it is okay! Remind her that each time she fails and tries again, her brain is growing stronger! Don't step in to prevent your child's failure - this is how she learns to persevere in the face of challenges.

PRAISE THE PROCESS - Instead of saying, "You're so smart!", praise effort, goal setting, persisting through challenges, or being creative. You can say something like: "Wow! You must have worked really hard on this!"

THE BRAIN CAN GROW! - Remind your child that his or her intelligence is not fixed. Remind her that when things are difficult, her brain grows if she persists through the challenge. Each time she learns something new, her brain is making new connections. Your child needs to know this is possible!

HELP THEM CHANGE THEIR DIALOGUE - The way your child talks to himself makes a huge impact on his mindset. If he says, "This is too hard!", help him change that to "I can't do this yet, but I will keep trying." Give him the words to say when he is feeling defeated by modeling it yourself!

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Science Lab - Save Your Breath

You child can inflate a balloon without using his breath. A chemical reaction will do the job for him!

You'll Need: Empty plastic soda bottle (20 fl. oz.), 1/4 cup water, 1 tsp. baking soda, uninflated balloon, lemon juice

Here's How: Have your child add the water and baking soda to the bottle, close the cap, and swirl it around until the water is cloudy. Then, help him stretch out the balloon and place the opening over the top of the bottle, leaving a small space. He should very quickly add a little lemon juice, seal the balloon completely over the bottle, and shake lightly.

What Happens? The balloon inflates.

Why? When you mix an acid (lemon juice) with a base (baking soda), they create carbon dioxide. The molecules spread out as the gas forms, pushing against the walls of the balloon causing it to inflate.

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Upcoming Events

Feb. 24th: PTO Bingo Night

Feb. 27th: Cat in the Hat Day - Wear Your Favorite Hat

Feb. 28th: Dress Up Like Your Favorite Dr. Seuss Character Day

Mar. 1st: Wacky Wednesday - Mixed Up Clothing/Crazy Hair Day

Mar. 1st: Yearbook Ordering Deadline

Mar. 2nd: Kindergarten Round-Up - No School for Current Kindergartners

Mar. 3rd: Kindergarten Round-Up - No School for Current Kindergartners

Mar. 6th: Spring Picture Day

Mar. 7th: Gambino's Pizza Night

Mar. 7th: 5th Grade Band Concert - 6:30 @ EHS PAC

Mar. 8th: Early Release Day - Dismissal @ 1:15

Mar. 9th: 3rd Grade Music Program - 6:30 @ EHS PAC

Mar. 10th: No School - Teacher's Work Day

Mar. 13th - 17th: No School - Spring Break

Thank You EES Watch Dogs