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January 15, 2016

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Thinking Topic...

Outcomes are based on the commitment of time and level of accuracy placed upon the planning of the outcome. Read that again....slowly. Do you agree or disagree with that statement?

So, we have started talking about T-TESS (for you certified guys) and about how planning is going to be imperative as it translates into this new growth model that we are shooting towards. And while it is great to think about planning as part of the new model, it got me to thinking about planning in general.

When I look over the course of my career, I can remember where I spent time in planning my next steps. Conversely, I can remember the weeks, months, years that flew by where I wasn't planning at all. Is the same true for you? It truly doesn't matter what position we are in on the campus, whether we are certified or not. We all owe it to ourselves to be purposeful about our lives. We need a plan! We need to know where we are going. We need to know what we are doing to get there.

My question for you...what is your goal? Ok...then what is your plan?

Have a outcome oriented weekend!


PS. This same line of thought would apply to your personal lives too, you know?


This is a new section I am adding this week. You guys have a lot of good thoughts. Sometimes I hear them from the rumor mill and sometimes I hear them straight from you (which I the way).

Well, Camily's response to last week's Thinking Topic challenged me and my word choice. She said...and I am paraphrasing..."I want to help the students RISE to the finish line...not MAKE it to the finish line". BAM!!!! Thanks, Camily. You said it so much better that I did. The question should have been how are we going to rise to the finish line? I love it.

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