5 branches of chem

By Alma Pineda

physical chemistry

The study of the basis of chemical behavior relying on mathematics and physics

examples- sublimating dry ice. Melting ice.

organic chemistry

The study of compound that contain the element carbon

example- paint. Wood. Nail polish

inorganic chemistry

Primarily the study of substance that do not contain carbon

example- fuels and medicine


The study of the composition and behavior

examples- •proteins. Lipids


There are five scientists look at objects in everyday life. The organic scientist grabs paint and starts comparing different paints colors. The inorganic scientist begins to look at medicine. The physical scientist watches ice melt on a desk. The biochemistry scientist decides to look at the the different proteins and lipids. The last scientist on analytical begins measuring liquids

analytical chemistry

Examples- measuring

study of the separation, identification, and quantification of the chemical components of natural and artificial materials.