Central Park

By: Dayyan Ward

Central Park

The area of Central Park is 1.137mi^2. The location of Central Park is located in Manhattan, New York. Opened in 1857, as an urban park, which means its open to the public.

Central Parks Renovations

Central has had many renovations. In the late 1970's didn't look in a real good condition. So it got a renovation on the grass on the great lawn. From dead and nasty grass to golf grass looking. There was many renovations from the 1980's to the early 2000's. Such as the renovation in 2003 called the conservatory water. which cost $2 million dollars. The city put in a fountain called the Bethesda Fountain Plaza. which was put in the central park in 2010. In 2009 they replaced the oak bridge using and 1860 design made by Calvert Valux. All of the renovations was funded by the people living in New York. So probably taxes were used to make the renovations possible.
Central Park Throughout Film History

Above is a short film of all the movies that were made in central park. Some i have watched, and want to watch again

Big image

Above, is a picture i found of the view of central park from Rockefeller Center