Growing Multilingualism Program

Understanding Different Languages and Cultures

The Purpose of the Program

Your child's Head Start has implemented a new program through the partnership with a team of researchers at the University at Buffalo. The purpose of the program is to introduce the children to different languages and cultures to enhance their awareness of diversity through engagement and interaction. As part of this program, your child's classroom has been learning a new language with the guidance of a Language Partner, who is a speaker of that language (Spanish, Arabic or Chinese). We hope to create an environment rich in linguistic and cultural diversity while encouraging positive attitudes and curiosity toward languages and the individuals who speak them.

What You Can Do To Help!

You, as a parent or caregiver, are a crucial part of this program. We are hoping that you can assist us by asking your children about the language they are learning and using at school. We often create crafts that they bring home as part of the program. You can ask your children to tell you about the project and how they feel about learning a different language. Your encouragement is important and greatly appreciated!

About Us

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, please let us know!