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Basic Facts

  • The form of government is multiparty republic with 2 legislative houses.
  • The president of Paraguay is Horacio Cartes
  • The capital of Paraguay is Asuncion
  • They speak Spanish' Guarani
  • From 1813 - 1840 Paraguay was ruled by a dictator who called himself El Supreme
  • Almost all of the population live in the East
  • Paraguay means River that gives birth to the sea


  • Most people are mestizos (Mixture of Spanish and Indian)
  • About 90% of the population is Roman Catholic
  • They speak Spanish and Guarani'

Plants, Trees, and Animals

  • Most of the trees are Evergreen Trees.
  • Animals are, anteaters, snakes...
  • More animals are armadillos, iguanas, and monkeys!


  • They fought with Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.
  • In 1779 Spain ruled a part of Paraguay
  • In 1811 Paraguay claimed independence

Sources Used...

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