Love is in the Air!

All you need is love...and jewelry!

Hi Ladies!!

I'm so excited about the new year and the new jewels!! I love all the new incentives, and I'm really looking forward to the next six months of hard work paying off for me with a trip to Puerta Vallarta. The last time I was there I was celebrating my 30th birthday with girlfriends! Where has the time gone???

There... I'm putting it out there, my goal is to earn that incentive trip! What's your glam goal?

Whether its the trip or the fabulous leather bag or maybe your goal is the new qualifying bonus, you can do it! I want to support you in all goals both big and small, so let me know how I can help!

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5/5/5 Challenge

For those of you ready to move on to February, here's a fun team incentive that will become a new monthly staple. Sell $500 by the 5th of the month and win a $5 gift card for Starbucks! You know you'll get there... Just get there sooner, and I'll buy you a cup of coffee. :) Easy!!
PS - this is for my second line too!! Yay!
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Extra! Extra!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE it if this month our team became a STAR stylist team! I know you're all out there working hard on being a good wife, mom, friend etc. and I so appreciate the time you spend on your business!
I would like to cross this personal goal off of my list, but I can only do it with your help!
One of my favorite things is make up and beauty products! What better way to enter into a new season of selling than with some fun new products? Once you you reach $1000 in retail sales, i'll be rewarding my first line stylists with a gift card to Sephora as a thank you for your hard work. If you reach your 30% bonus ($2300 retail) i'll give you a 30% increase on your gift card as well!
Let's make this happen ladies!
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Now, on to the next topic of the month: Sponsoring.

So, who's looking to grow their team? I've made it a priority to mention the opportunity to anyone and everyone. I love Danielle's advice to talk about deliberately, casual sponsoring... Just saying :) Why not reach out to a former hostess or a great customer? Offer them the opportunity and help them get started. There are a couple of days left in the sponsoring special (the only one until second quarter.) What have you got to lose?

listen to the absolute best Sponsoring Training Call by Danielle... Sponsoring by Habit with 3 Simple Casual Comments.

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Ok... So here's the bottom line. Grow your business and be successful with Book-Sell-Sponsor. It's that easy. The more shows you have. The more people you meet. The more people you meet. The more people you talk to about Stella & Dot. The more people you talk to. The more people you book and sponsor. And the more income you earn! Who's with me?!!

Much love and gratitude ladies!! XOXO Renschke