Rockpanel Cladding

Rockpanel Cladding gives you residential or industrial building appearance a new look

Rockpanel Cladding is used in ventilated buildings for finishing facades and detailing around the roof. Rockpanel Cladding is necessary accessories to achieve a good end result. The products are used for many years in several countries. Usually in ventilated buildings, where the products contribute to a healthy indoor environment for every residential, business or production environment.

The robust but flexible sheet materials fit perfectly with contemporary styles, shapes and add to the durability with low cost and very short installation time. The board material Rockpanel Cladding is available in different sizes, colors and designs. Rockpanel Cladding is unique in its kind and has some specific properties, such as:

  • Workable as wood
  • Durable as stone
  • Temperature and weather resistant
  • Fireproof
  • 100% recyclable
  • Easy to bend and shape

Rockpanel Cladding

Rockpanel Cladding has the characteristics which reflect current themes in architecture. The flexible but rugged panels can be easily bent and fit into any lines. The combination with an extensive range offers endless design possibilities. We can classify some kind of rockpanel available in the Market as follows;


Leave a building blend into the surrounding nature or care properly for dominance in an urban context with harmonious hues of ROCKPANEL Colours sheet. Standard in all RAL / NCS colors, including 20 colors from stock.


Give your building a natural signature with a ROCKPANEL Woods sheet. Each panel is unique and because the wood grain non-repetitious, the panels are hardly of real wood.


ROCKPANEL Lines ² cladding boards with tongue and groove and are available in 2 sizes, Lines ² S and the extra wide Lines ² XL. Lines ² are a durable, fireproof and low maintenance alternative to wood and plastic cladding boards.


Give the facade extra shine to the modern industrial character of ROCKPANEL Metallic panels. The metallic sheen plays with light and creates special effects.


The purest version of the sheet is ROCKPANEL Natural. Under the influence of climate change the look of this durable, unpainted sheet. Sunlight provides a natural weathering and coloring of the plates.

Why External Cladding For Houses Is Important?

In short Rockpanel Cladding is an exciting challenge for anyone who wants to add his own chapter in the greater story of modern architecture. Playful, creative or just quirky. Determine the design, the colors and lines of a design and ROCKPANEL folds and bends towards this vision. The range consists of different products in many colors and specific characteristics. produces panels in different colors and designs. Each product has its own beautiful characteristics. Click here for more info or visit

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