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Week of January 20-24, 2014


New Lesson Plan Link

4th Six Weeks- http://bit.ly/1i1cGS3

Important Dates

January 21- Verify Gradebooks

January 25- The 411 on Twitter 3:30-4:00pm-Register Here

February 14- Last day to submit for iCreate


Let me help you get something submitted for TechFusion! I have been sitting in on grade level planning and you guys are doing some great things. I can't wait to work on these with you.


Last day to submit for iCreate is February 14th! Starting next Wednesday there will be more information on announcements. https://icreate.irvingisd.net/

Acceptable Use Policies

Just a reminder. If students have not turned in their Acceptable Use Policy, they are not supposed to be using computers or any devices. I am still missing a few classrooms.

Computer Lab-Before School

Computer lab is open every Tuesday and Thursday morning for Think Through Math (3rd-5th)

I will be opening up my lab on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings for students to have a "Genius Hour" type atmosphere where they will have a chance to work on products. This will start next Friday (January 24th) more information will be coming.


Starting next week I will be offering short 30 minute sessions over tech that can be used in the classroom, more information on tech challenges, and up to date information.


On our school website I have added several new blogs. Please invite your students to comment and participate. I have LOVED reading all the answers on the Number Crunching blog and all of the writing on the writing blog. Make sure your students know to only put their first name and also their teacher's name. Please remind students that these posts can be seen all over the world and to be posting appropriate things.

The 411

I have recently started recording a podcast called Edtech Chat n' Chew (you can even download it on iTunes!) This last one we talked about #hashtags. Twitter is a great resource for the search engine alone! Want to learn more about Twitter- the next Tech Bytes on Friday January 24th will be over Twitter! Register Here

Plug and Play

Do you have questions on how you can implement these challenges? Want to get some ideas to put in Techfusion and iCreate? Let's get together!

Encouraged- Collaborate with me! Super easy to do and we can come up with a great project for your classroom or grade level!

Web 2.0- Visit BrainPOP or BrainPOPJr, watch a video and do an extension activity.

Science- Analyze Data using Google Forms

Data Driven-Write a story and create a Big Huge Labs poster to go with it. These are working on author's purpose. Students will be asked to match correct picture with writing as an interactive bulletin board.

Support Staff- Create a motivational poster using Big Huge Labs for good writing strategies and other school techniques.

See the challenges attached to this email or check out all of them HERE

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