Flatbill Floaties!

A new way to stay cool! -Dylan

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Nobody likes messy hair. And hats can be a leading factor to a tangled, sweaty and downright annoying mess! Enter The Flatbill Floaty, a new evolution in keeping your head cool, your hair untangled, and your style intact all at once!

What makes these hats so special compared to others?

We have implemented a new advancement in hat-wearing technology (yes, I'm aware of how silly it sounds, but just go with it) called Microvent technology! What this does is allows the inner part of your hat to hover slightly off the top of your head every time you walk, allowing air to enter the inner part of your hat. At the same time the air enters the hat, the air gets locked in and allows your head to cool. So what's so great about this? Well, studies show that your entire body's temperature gets cooler when your head is cool. The cool temperatures in your head spread through your bloodstream and your body naturally cools off! And all you have to do to stay cool is just keep wearing one of our three wonderful selections of hats listed below...

But wait, there's more...

Not only do our hats make you cooler, they can also make you warmer! That's right, the best part about Microvent is that it is able to adapt to the seasons! So, in the spring and summer, your hat will keep you nice and cool. But in fall and winter, your hat will keep you warm and toasty!

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I'm Dylan Dumont, the brains behind Flatbill Floaties. Check down below for more info on how you can contact me for more information about this brilliant idea!