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Acton Weekly Update 3/8/19

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

The Hedgehog Concept is based on an ancient Greek parable that states, "The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing." ... Hedgehogs, however, simplify the world and focus on a single, overarching vision, which they then achieve.

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Coach's Corner

I hope everyone was able to get a start on their GR table. As you run your 20 minute table, remember to be gentle with yourself. You won't be perfect in the beginning, and you won't be able to do it all in 20 minutes at first. That's O.K. Just focus on one component of the lesson to perfect at a time.

I know it seems overwhelming as we roll out new initiatives. Running records will not take as much time because each year we will start with the previous year's data on our kiddos. Now that lessons have been made for your CFUs, you can use this bank of resources to use next year. You can also use your GR lessons to tweak and use next year. Our bank of resources will continue to grow. Keep your mini lessons and GR lessons from this year to use next year for less stress.

Hopefully the PD Tuesday was helpful for you to see what the Released Items look like. Exposure is our friend. The more our students know what the test is going to look and sound like, the better they will perform. The vertical alignment sheet was handed out so that each group understands what the next grade level has to master; that way they will have their students ready for the next grade level expectations. Please collaborate with your fellow colleagues to co-create mini lessons and GR table lessons to reduce your workload.

I have written down the concerns voiced to me and will bring these up at the next coach meeting. As soon as I get answers, I will convey. I hope you all know I am here to help and support each of you in any way that you need. I know many are feeling overwhelmed so please use me to help out in your room or with anything you need. I just left the classroom and know what you are going through. I know these changes are overwhelming, but in the end our students are going to benefit greatly with these new initiatives.

Curricular Updates:

We are now 3 weeks into our first guided reading victory table.
This is a non-negotiable.

How is it going? Remember, the purpose of us implementing one small group daily this year is to work up to 3 groups daily next year. Let's focus on doing this one group really well right now. When you are confident with your one group then try to start a second group. Don't worry if you are not ready for that yet. It's okay!

Jen is here to support you! Every teacher should be using her to model or observe with your groups. She's great at this and wants to help make you a highly effective guided reading teacher! Hopefully soon we can start instructional rounds to learn from one another.

On Thursday, Dr. Stevenson and I will be coming around to classrooms and hoping to watch your victory tables. I'll get your times from Jen and work on creating a schedule. I can't wait to really get into your rooms more and be amazed at the great things happening!

Tuesday and Wednesday Collaboration times will be on your own. Do not use the time to grade papers or enter data. Please use the time to read your Guided Reading Manual and work on your lesson plans for Victory Table.


#Lucky2BeInFTCSC #WeAreFlashes Next Friday, March 15th is our last Friday before Spring Break. This school year has gone by so fast and we have had such an amazing school year! We are so blessed and let's start Spring Break by celebrating us! We are asking ALL staff members to wear green next Friday, March 15th! Please take fun group pictures with your peers and include the hashtag - #Lucky2BeInFTCSC and #WeAreFlashes in the picture. Send the pictures to your supervisor/principal. Schools/departments with social media will post the pictures and we will post pictures on the district social media sites!

Thank you for choosing FTCSC! You are the POSITIVE ENERGY to our students' SUCCESS!

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Counselor's Corner

7 Self-care tips for Teachers:

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Student Shout Outs all next week!

Let's finish our last week before Spring Break highlighting all of the amazing students we have here at Acton! This is a tough time of year that can bring challenging behaviors. Our last will still inevitably have challenging behavior, and we will have to deal with that. But let's write our own script and give all those amazing students shout outs! I will be putting these on the bulletin board in the lunch room.

These shout outs will be in your mailbox. Feel free to take a picture to go along with it and email me if you want. I'll add that to the board too! Here's a copy for more.

Let's show our students that demonstrate their PAWS how much we notice them!!

P.S. These are for teachers to write about students. If you want your whole class to write about each other that's fine too. Maybe those could be displayed somewhere in your classroom.

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Weekly PBIS Focus Expectations:

Mar. 11 Week 10 Cafeteria P.A.W.S.


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IREAD 3 Week

Monday 3/11/19-

  • Evacuation Drill 2:00 PM
Tuesday 3/12/19-
  • AM Collaboration- Guided Reading Manual Study/ Lesson Plans for Victory Table

Wednesday 3/613/19
  • AM Collaboration- Guidede Reading Manual Study/ Lesson Plans for Victory Table

Thursday 3/14/19

  • Dr. Stevenson Victory Table walk through

Friday 3/15/19

  • 3:00 PBIS Convocation

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11 IREAD begins

14 Gymnastics Co spirit night

18-29 Spring Break

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