Air Pollution

By Chaz Takle

Ways to prevent air pollution

Ride your bike or walk to places more, as this prevents smog, which is the main part of outdoor air pollution. There are 6 types of air pollutants including carbon monoxide, lead, nitrogen oxides, ground level ozone, like smog. Particle pollution and sulfur oxides.

Who it impacts and how it impacts.

Ozone impacts everyone, but if you are one of these people:

  • Elderly person
  • Have asthma
  • Exercising
  • Young children
Symptoms may include, coughing and pain when drawing a full breath, difficulty drawing a full breath, wheezing

How to protect yourself

Don't go outside when ozone levels are high, keep track of ozone levels, don't exert yourself too much in high ozone levels, plan outdoor activities so that you dont have to breathe in all the smog.

How it affects all forms of health.

Not just your respiratory system, but every aspect of health is impacted by air pollution, the respiratory system is in danger obviously, but then think about what else could be impacted, your muscular system and skeletal system aren't getting the exercise you need, because you are staying inside to avoid the smog. It could have an impact on your social and mental life, being cooped up inside gets you worked up and you get cabin fever, if you have social events outside it would obviously impact those, so stay aware of whats going on with the air around you.


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