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October 14, 2015

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Campus Leadership

Two Campus-Wide Intervention Programs Offered for Campus Leadership Teams

As a campus leader, would you like to learn how to plan intentionally for interventions, and give teachers systems of support that help them refocus on teaching kids? If so, consider attending the second and third course in the Lead4ward Leading Learning Series.

  • Leading Intentional Intervention, Dec. 7 (DATE CHANGE)
    Learn a practical, hope-filled approach to being intentional, and ultimately impactful, with your intervention programming. Register here.
  • Relevant Review for Leadership Teams, January 13
    Your team will learn strategies for organizing a high-quality review prior to state assessment…review the right things for maximum impact! Register here.

Charter School Business Officials and Personnel

TASBO Charter School Workshop - October 19- 20

The Business Center at ESC Region 11 will host its annual Business of Charter Schools Workshop by TASBO on October 19-20. This two-day workshop has been designed specifically for charter school business officials and personnel.

For more information and how to register, please visit the Business Center website or contact Spencer Davis.

Charter School Administrators, Teachers

Charter School Performance Framework Updates
According to TEA, the 2014 Charter School Performance Framework (CSPF) Reports are in the last stages of finalization. Reports should be mailed to each charter school superintendent on October 21. The TEA Charter Updates - October 2015 (,pdf) newsletter has more details about this, and it includes some deadlines that you'll want to put on your calendar.

Please visit the ESC Region 11 Charter School page for additional information about charter schools.

Digital Learning - Using Digital Tools for Formative Assessment

Are your students getting it? Is the learning sticking? Formatively assessing students helps you as the teacher check for understanding and identify where students are in the learning process. Formative assessments are not “gotchas,” and are rarely graded, but they should guide changes in instruction by reteaching or reviewing before students get behind.

For more ideas and information about using digital tools for formative assessment, please view the Digital Learning department's “Before the Autopsy” SMORE flier.

Bilingual/ESL Teachers, Supervisors

Answers to Teachers' Top 10 Questions - Part 1
ESC Insights Blog

Angela Destro, Secondary ESL Consultant

The most recent ESL Insights blog post continues a series of brief entries inspired by the book, Working with Second Language Learners: Answers to Teachers’ Top Ten Questions, (Stephen Cary, 2002).

The book is relatively short and easy to read. While not all information in the book is accurate according to the state of Texas requirements, it was the subtitle that grabbed my (Angela) attention. It made me wonder if teachers really have a top 10 list of questions? The answer is yes!

There are questions in the book that are answered here at the ESC every day. In this blog series, all 10 questions will be answered with information appropriate for the state of Texas.

Read the latest ESL Insights blog post for the answer to question #2: "How can I find information on my students’ cultural background?"

SPOTLIGHT on the Website - Business Center

The Business Center website is in the spotlight as we continue this new feature of ESC TODAY. This website provides so much information for our districts and charters as well as forms and guidelines for our ESC Region 11 staff. Links to resources are grouped by viewer category, listed across the top of the page and within the content area, making it easy to locate needed information. The Business Center uses the layout tools within Schoolwires to create columns for easy reading, and uses photos to break up blocks of information. Congratulations to Business Center Web editor Spencer Davis for a job well done! Check it out here.

We will be scanning the ESC website for programs or services pages with extraordinary content, visual appeal, and ease of use for viewers. Selected Web pages will be spotlighted here.

If you find a a department or program page particularly helpful and user-friendly, please let us know so we can spotlight it. Email the Communications Department here.

TEA News

TEA releases STAAR performance standards for 2015-2016 and beyond

Commissioner of Education Michael Williams advised school districts and charters of his recommendation to replace the current phase-in schedule for the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) student passing standards with a revised approach.

STAAR performance standards have been scheduled to move to the more rigorous phase-in 2 passing standard this school year. Each time the performance standard is increased, a student must achieve a higher score in order to pass a STAAR exam. The STAAR performance standards have been at phase-in 1 for the past four years.

Under new proposed rules from the Commissioner, the traditional phase-in approach would be replaced with a standard progression approach from 2015–2016 through 2021–2022, the year final standards are scheduled to be in place.

Read more here.

Food Trucks On the Scene in October

Are you planning to be at the ESC building this month? We'll have food trucks on the scene several times. Join the food truck fun for a convenient lunch option that will rotate between Holy Frijole and Crazy Burger food trucks. Here are the dates:
  • October 14

  • October 15

  • October 19

  • October 20

  • October 21

  • October 22

The most current food truck dates as well as menus are available on the ESC Region 11 website. Select the Calendar tab above the rotating images on the home page.

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