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If you love Snipping Tool....I have found the perfect tool for you in the Chrome Web Store. Have you ever found an article you would like to read, but you just don't have time to read it now? No problem. Now you can save a screenshot of an entire webpage to your Google Drive to read at a later time. Nimbus is a Google Extension that enables you to take screenshots (in a variety of formats), resize them, draw on them, and even blur certain parts out. You then can save the screenshot in a JPG, BMP, or PNG format straight to your Google Drive, download it to your computer, or print it. This is a free tool that has lots to offer.
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Take a look at Nimbus - LIVE on my desktop!


Just install this extension...and a shortcut will appear on your screen. (see below)

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Nimbus - Capture Options

Once you are on the webpage you would like to capture...just click the extension shortcut on the toolbar to choose the best option for the job - a capture fragment, the entire page, the visible part of the page, or even recording a video. I love this extension because of the options. And let's face it...we have a use for all of these at times.
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Once I captured the screen....Now What?

Once you have decided on the picture you will have more options. You can do nothing to it but save it. You can highlight certain parts for emphasis. You can blur out parts so other parts are the focus. You can type notes on it...add stickers....and a lot more. This toolbar gives you the option to customize it and make it fit your purpose.
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I've got it like I want it....Now I Want to Save.

Whether you make any changes to it or not, there is obviously something you would like to keep (or you wouldn't be using this tool...ha!). You will then see the screen below. You can create a Nimbus account if you want to and access these anywhere with that account...but I chose not to. You can save the screenshot to your computer and use in a PowerPoint, insert it into a document, etc. You also have the option to send it straight to your Google Drive or to print it. To me...this is fabulous!
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Here is a summary...

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How could I use this in my classroom???

* Save a portion of a website to use in a lesson to teach students how to find evidence in the text

* Quickly save an image to insert into a presentation

* Highlight certain areas of the text for a study guide

* Teach your students about non-fiction text features and text structures

* Have your students label the parts of the water cycle, a plant, the body in science

* Students could label a map

* Students could use this tool to save pictures for a BlendSpace project

* Students could highlight facts in one color and opinions in another color

...the possibilities are endless!

OK...a few more...

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OK....I love it! How do I add it to my Google Chrome Account?

This video should help...

How to Add the Nimbus Extension

Let me hear from you...

If you discover a great way to use this extension in your classroom...please share it with me. I am always looking for great new ideas.