STARLAB Demo workshop

Plan to join us!

Please join us to check out our STARLAB! A portable planetarium that can be used with any grade level that eliminates the expense of a field trip and can expose students to subjects such as the Starfield, Greek Mythology, Plate Tectonics, Ocean Currents, Ancient Chinese Legends, Biological Cell and the list goes on!


Thursday, Feb. 11th, 1-5pm

55 Miller Street

Summerdale, PA

1:00-2:00pm - First session

2:00-3:00pm - Second Session

3:00-4:00pm - Third Session

4:00-5:00pm - Fourth Session

Select the video entitled “Mobius_planetariumMaster_H2”

The video shows a newer model. CAIU has the model pictured above.
To register for a session, please e-mail Hillary Williams ( with the following:
-Contact Information
-Preferred Session

If you have any questions about this workshop, please contact Hillary Williams.
717-732-8400 X8530