Minion Merch

Gates Moore

My store:

My store will sell Minion merchandise from the movies Despicable Me and Minions. My store would produce its on supply and sell them in a store and online.
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My type of business:

My business will be a sole proprietorship so that the government will have little to no involvement in my business. I will pay a personal profit sales tax, which would make my business more simple.
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Disadvantages to overcome:

Obviously the minion merchandise market does not have a lot of consumers, so to counter that I must have low prices to attract consumers and have newspaper advertisements. I will have a professional looking business to destroy other minion merchandise sellers. Having lower prices will give me more total revenue because my sales will go up on a elastic good with a lower price.


My business would employ a closed shop labor union. A closed shop labor union would force my employees to stay working for me, but also give them a benefit and a voice in how my shop will operate. In my opinion, employee feedback is what will make my company operate well and efficiently.
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Going Green

My company will operate at a the lowest pollution and waste rates possible. My company would used recycled cotton to makes shirts and other clothes, recycled paper to make posters, and use led light bulbs to have cleaner energy. My store would use a geothermal unit to provide air conditioning as well.
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