Cathy Maher

Technology Integrator

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Technology Integrator Info

Mission Statement

My goal is to share my knowledge and use of instructional technology,not only for technology's sake. It is important to understand the role that technology plays in the enrichment of 21st century learning and instruction. Students learn in a variety of ways. Using digital tools in the classroom can provide students with meaningful opportunities to learn subject material. Collaborating with teachers and assisting them with the integration of technology in the curriculum will facilitate their instruction with their students to help students develop skills using digital tools which will enhance their learning to promote efficiency in the real world.

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CCCA Support Days

Carver College and Career Academy

Main Support Day - Tuesday

Additional Support Day - Monday

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TDHS Support Days

Thomas Dale HS

Main Campus Support Day - Monday

(Alternating Support Day Main Campus) Friday

West Campus Support Day - Thursday

How can you access me?

  • Support days
  • Face to Face
  • Email me
  • Google Hangout
  • Stop me in the hallway!

What can I do for you?

  • Professional development
  • Help you learn a new application or renew skills on a known one
  • Collaborate on a unit
  • Do "Flips" in your classroom
  • Provide great learning resources
  • Assist in blended learning initiatives
  • Create a more efficient work environment
  • Creatively help to make lessons more engaging

Great Educational Articles

About Me

My name is Cathy Maher. This is my 18th year in education. I have taught Computer Science at the middle school level. As Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, my responsibilities covered high school, middle school, and elementary school. As an Instructional Technology Integrator for CCPS, my purpose is to provide on demand support to you by communicating regularly and assist you in the integration of technology in instruction. My goal is to empower you to become a 21st Century Educator.

I am looking forward to a great year working with you!

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