Vocab 6 Presentation

Mallory Hill

Guess the Word!

Knowing that all of the evidence was stacking up against him, Carl convinced his brother to ______ by offering him money.
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The word is suborn.

1. To induce a person in secret to commit a misdeed or a crime.
2. To induce someone to give false testimony.

sub under
ornare to equip


other form
subornation (n.)
subornative (adj.)

vcr answers
Exercise 6B
5. c. "...the soothing voice of Tokyo Rose suborned them to dream of home."
Exercise 6C
7. "...professional gamblers had suborned eight White Sox players to lose the game for a promise of one hundred thousand dollars."

Identify Subornation

Identify Incorrect Usage

1. Charlie offered Tim $500,000 if he would suborn the police and give false testimony.

2. George was found guilty of subornation after it was discovered he had falsely testified during Jimmy's trial.

3. Kim suborned Kelly to rob the convenience store by offering to pay for her three children's college education.