MHS Updates

4th Quarter Progress Report

Below you will find the most recent D & F data. Although there was a decrease in overall failures as compared to the same time in the 2017-2018 school, the number of failures from the previous marking period increased. Consistency is vital throughout the entire the year, not just in the beginning and not just in the end.

With 24 schools days for students and and 19 for seniors, now is the time. Students cannot wait until mid May to decide to turn in work, ask teachers what they can turn in, and what they can do to raise their grades.

Please check your child's grades. Any D or F warrants communication with the teacher as soon as possible.

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Summer School Information

Summer school slots do fill up. If you know your child needs summer, please register as soon as possible.

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Donation being Accepted

As part of the Community Leadership Workshop, items are being accepted for the service project.

  • Reusable water bottles
  • Pens, Pencils, Paper
  • Hygiene Items

You may drop off your donations in attendance or counseling.

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Job Fair and Youngker High School-Information from the Host Site

Employers include big business, Amazon, Walmart, REI and others....and a host of what we are calling "Story Tellers"...small business men and women of all makes and models...they have stories and they are excited to share them...we have virtually dozens of them lined up and adding more every day...I am delighted to have them...After all, it is small business that really is the engine that drives the American Economy, particularly here in Arizona.

The Air Force will be there, Arizona at work will be there with some of their amazing and largely secret apprenticeship programs, the arts, music and adult athletic opportunities will be represented as well...Life is more that work..and these younger generations appreciate that. Escape Velocity will be there.

Our guest speakers are:

Jim Anderson, author of Principle Based Leadership and mentor to some of the icons of American Business....He is talking about who you are, who you can be...why that is so important.

Sarah Kay Harrison..Life Coach Extraordinaire.....We all move toward careers and money and they are certainly important...but what about everything else that makes up a meaningful, productive life.

David Pandone, author of Money Smart. He will be addressing personal finances, budgeting, debt and the importance of establishing good habits NOW..

Yours truly...As a leading authority on everything (see Professor Irwin Corey!), I will be talking about opportunity, culture and differentiation...why do some people succeed and some...well not so much..
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