Zeus, The Great Hero

The Summary Of A Hero


In Joel Skidmore's story, I feel that Zeus is a magnificent God to choose because of his heroic act of saving the lives of his brothers and sisters and how he's imaged as the provider and the giver of his people.


In The Story Of Zeus, Zeus is hidden away by his mother Hera for consecutive years on end and overthrows his father which was the fear his father had for all of Zeus's brothers and sisters he had swallowed. When Zeus overthrew his father and saved all his brothers and sisters, he proudly became the most heroic God in all of Greece.

Explanation And Conclusion

This shows that Zeus is the main ropes for watching over peoples lives. Zeus is shown as the provide, the guardian angel, and the well known hero of the people.

Eventhough Zeus is the center of attention and is the man of many affairs, he is still a hero that has overthrown his father. Not only that but he also did save all his siblings from eternal hostage.

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