Morning Notes

Monday 15 December

Secret Santa: reminder

Everyone one who is participating in the Secret Santa. Gifts should be brought in today. Please leave your present in F01 in the morning before advisory. You can receive your gift at break time in F01.

Thank You to everyone who's participating!

Quiz of the Week RESULTS:

The scores are in:

Mills - 14

Mrs Jones - 13

Cooke - 12.5

Aleu - 12

Mr Jones - 10

Lin - 6

The final will be between Mills and Mrs Jones advisory, you need to pick four panelist to contest.

Final: PSHE tomorrow (Period 1). More details to follow.

Drama Production This Evening:

**All performers (Including Grade 9 and Tech Crew) please meet Ms Watson in the Room of Prayer at 1800.

If you are at Halcyon and would like to rehearse your scene a final time, please come to the Stern Hall from 1615-1700. Ms Watson will be there at the that time to help you.


Please can all students ensure that they wear their lanyards all day and every school day. If you are missing your lanyard, please speak to Emily at reception. Thank you!

Locker & Locks

It has come to our attention that some locks on lockers are being swapped with others unbeknownst to the owners of the lockers. This is not acceptable as it is causing many students trouble with opening their lockers and accessing their materials. Thank you!

**Monday's Holiday Lunch Menu**

Holiday menu:


Halloumi bites

Main Course:

Cranberry falafel with roast potatoes


Apple cinnamon sponge with mince pie ice cream!!

Halcyon Night: family showcase

All the volunteers meet at 15.40 in the Stern Hall (tonight).

Monday - Period 2 English with Grade 9

Dear Grade 9,

Your Monday Period 2 lesson will by Ms. Dance. Please make your way down to the Art room for period 2.

Thank you!

Upcoming Sports Events

Jan 22nd - girls indoor football tournament (Grades 6-10)

Jan 29th - indoor football session open to all students in Grades 6-8 (boys & girls)

Feb 5th - indoor football session open to all students in Grades 9-10 (boys & girls).

All events at 4-5pm at SLC.

Battery Recycling Box:

Batteries are very dangerous for our environment and they are commonly used by us everyday and it is our job to recycle them. There is a brand new battery recycling box in the science lab, please bring in any used batteries and place them in the box.

Book of Week

Big image

Title: Company of Ghosts

Author: Berlie Doherty

Summary: It was a seascape, moody with rocks and cliffs and wild showers of spray. Ellie’s own reflection was drawn into it, like a ghost image among the lights and shadows.
‘That’s our island,’ Morag said.
‘It looks mysterious.’
‘It is. That’s where we’re going tomorrow.’
Ellie is excited to be going with Morag’s family to their beautiful island, but when she finds herself abandoned there, things begin to change. Footsteps, shadows, strange lights, a haunting song; more and more she becomes aware that she is not really on her own.

We Want To Hear From You!

Do you have a powerful learning app, tech tip or trick that you think Halcyon staff should be using in their classrooms? We are looking to hear from you at our weekly staff meetings every Monday after school. Please send an email Mrs. Crannell with a short description of what you would like to share and why. Mrs. Crannell will schedule a time for you on the staff agenda to present.

Lost and Found items?

Please visit Emily at Reception for any lost items - we have quite the collection here!

Talk @ Halcyon

In addition to, which is an email address that you can write to with any concerns you have, we also have a created a Google form that you can fill out at any time should you wish to raise awareness of anything either anonymously or with your name attached. Check it out!