You aren't alone not now not ever

Don't commit suicide you are needed no matter what!

Prevent people from committing suicide

You aren't alone no one is alone you have happiness in there I know it!If you are or know someone who is suicidal please please help!

Every day!

You feel sad, You feel useless, You feel like no one cares, You feel like no one likes You. But I do I am there when you are sad I am there when you feel useless and you aren't I care I like You! don't end you're life because another be there live and wake up and survive!!!

I'M FINE!!!!!!

You can say you're fine but inside you're not you keep you're emotions and tears bottled and die without knowing you're loved!You need someone to say you are perfect and actually mean it.


Some times I have trouble realising I am who I am and I don't respect that I am me and some times it really does hurt other times it doesn't!!!It's not just you it's many!! give in and live don't choose to die choose to live!!!

Stand united

Stand up for you're self don't get pushed around be there for you're friends don't show down they love you don't choose to die choose to live!