News Letter

by Dylan

Personal Attributes Valued by Employers

Specific skills

Technical Knowledge - Having technical knowledge as an employee is normally very valuable to a big company since you always come across technical difficulties and the employers always recruit staff with technical knowledge.

Working Attitude - Having a good attitude towards your work keeps you motivated and helps you keep up the good work. As well as this the employer also notices employees who work hard and can lead to promotions and so on.

Health and Safety - Health and safety is also one of the main issues while you working for a company because without it the employees can misuse equipment potentially putting themselves or others in danger.


Determination - People who are determined are tend to work really hard while they are at work which is appreciated and valued by the employer as they wouldn't want to hire people who have the knowledge but only there to make money.

Confidence - employers value confidence and it is unlikely that you would manage to get a job in the first place without some sort of confidence, employers want people with confidence to be able to try solve problems.

Dependability - This includes many qualities such as the worker to turn up on time at work, finishes the job in time that has been given and also workers that keep the personal problems separate from their profession. Employers look for this in someone.

Independence - Although employers want people to work good in team they also want them to be able to work just as well by them selves as they would in a team.

General attributes

Time Management - This is valued because if you have good time management you are able to hand in assignments on time, and other work projects this is valued allot by employers.

Numeracy skills - This is essential and there are many reasons for it such as calculation this is really important as the calculations have to be accurate to avoid any mistakes when working with money leading to other problems. You may also come across times where you have to analyse a data and this is when you numeric skills will be tested.

Team working - Team working is one of the main attributes that are valued by employers and there are various reasons for it such as employers look for employees are can work and communicate well with other employees at the organisation.

Principles of Effective Communication

General communication skills

Cultural differences - It is highly recommended that you know enough about the people you are working with and there beliefs to try avoid any accidental offences towards them and this reduces any tension in the work place.

Adapting your voice - You will have to speak and do things with different audiences and this requires that you can adapt how you speak for example you cant explain in depth the same to a teenager as you could a fully grown adult so you would have to explain in other simpler ways,

Terminology - When using terminology you need to remember who you are talking to and to make sure it is within their grasp to understand.

Interpersonal skills

Body Language - Body movements can be used to reinforce or emphases what a person is saying and also offer information about the emotions and attitudes of a person. However, it is also possible for body movements to conflict with what is said.

Signing - This is a fairly valuable skill and even essential if someone in the work place is def or mute.

Active Engagement - To communicate efficiently you need to show you are actively listening and are interested in what is being said.

Communicate in writing

Emoticons - These are used to show emotions in text this would allow the reader to see what the writer of the email, text or even report are feeling.

Spelling and Grammar - Spelling and grammar is essential to make your writing look professional and especially when writing things like a c.v

Proofreading - This is extremely useful to stop any misunderstanding due to miss wrote instructions that you have given to any people through text such as email.

Barriers of Communication

background noise - this can cause annoyance in the workplace and cause tension between employees and this can make it hard to work at 100%.

distractions - distractions can be very crippling on work production this can be anything from a tv in the room to a dispute between two workers causing a stop on production.

physical barriers - physical barriers such as not being able to speak to each other because phone lines are down can cause a problem if they need input from either side

location - If you are too far away eg in different countries this can make you unable to communicate very easy with other people.

lack of concentration - lack of concentration can happen very easily from even something from not motivation from

How to reduce Barriers of Communication

background noise - Soundproofing offices and any other work space would reduce the impact of this.

distractions - making sure there is no distractions in the workplace such as TVs or a radio that can cause them to not work at their full potential.

physical barriers - try reduce any unneeded variables that are between your employees or have a back up that they can use in case something goes down.

Location - When making a business you should think of were you set up for example a place with a good reception is better than in the middle of nowhere.

Lack of concentration - to reduce the impact of this remove anything that can distract them and try keep your employees more motivated