Potato Farming

facts aboout your local potato farming industries

what kind of jobs and training there are in the potato industries

There are lots of jobs and training in these kind of industries many have lots some don't; but in potato farming there many, for example there's local truck driving, farm storage manager, warehouse operator, forklift driver, crop farm laborer and more. For training you are required to learn how to read interpreting soil test and managing soil fertility's. there's crop planning, greenhouse propagation, and more.

How much Money and how much potato's are Produced in a year

Farm managers make near $75000 a year, staff accountant make about $51500 in a year too. The whole industry makes $847 million in a year { cananda }. Developed in 2007 the latest, over 159.89 potato's are produced, in developing 165.47 are produced, and in the world 325.30 are produced; in North america is about 19824000 are produced.

What is the best season to grow your potatos and is there a future for the potatos industry

The best season to grow your potato's is in early July because the sun and the rain help make it grow. Is there a future; its unpredictable, I think it will last. Potato's farming protects against broadest spectrum of insects; also helps with Colorado potato beetle. It helps with diseases such as seed-borne and silver scurf e.c.t.

foods that comes from potato's