Looking for My Own McDreamy

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"It takes millions of people to complete the world, but it only takes one to complete mine".


These Make Me Happy

1. enjoys life

2. healthy body/fit

3. Athletic/active

3. adventurous

4. spontaneous

5. love unconditionally

6. be able to dance

7. accepting

8. passionate

9. respectful

10. tall

Bye Felicia

  1. bad hygiene
  2. rude or can't keep a conversation
  3. jealousy
  4. maturity
  5. irresponsible

Dream Date

Fly me to the Maldives and take me to a luxury resort where the sun is hot and the water is clear. We will go swimming and drink exotic juice and sleep in expensive hotels. When we are not relaxing, we will go snorkeling and scuba diving and swim with dolphins and fish and sea turtles. We can go surfing and paddle boarding and kayaking. We can learn about and see the culture. Of course, we will have to eat luxurious meals, and enjoy the beaches and the sun.
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"The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence".