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February 5, 2016

Reminders from Mrs. Grimenstein...

Here are some important dates to note specifically for our class:

  • We will celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday, February 12th- a list was sent home today for those students who would like to make valentines. I have also attached the list.
  • Book Fair- we will attend Tuesday morning from 10:45-11:15.
  • 2G's Writer's Celebration: Friday, February 26th from 8:45-9:15 am in the classroom.

Writer's Workshop: Informational Books By Brandon and Olivia

Brandon Reports:

This week in school we made introductions for our informational books. We need them to get readers hooked. Mine goes like this: boing, you’re on a trampoline and if you don’t know anything just bounce on over to the next page. If you read the whole book you’ll learn jumping with snow, jokes, and experiments. So that was my introduction. Did you ever do informational writing?

Olivia Reports:

This week in school we did writers workshop. We slowed down our writing. We listed steps. Also we did comparisons. My comparison was swim as fast as a dolphin! Also we typed up covers in computer lab for our informational book. My title was Swimming Sensation! This week we also made introductions. My introduction start was “Splash!” We are going to have a writers celebration. I can’t wait till you see my introduction and all my writing!

Groundhog Day By Patrick

This week in school we did Groundhog Day activities. I predicted that there will be a late spring but it was not. We did a Scholastic News groundhog. The first groundhog up gets to predict. Have you ever seen a groundhog?
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Social Studies: By Liliana and Mrs. G.

You may have heard from your second grader that Mr. Bissinger and I have been co-teaching Social Studies. We are so excited to see all of the hard work that the "citizens" in 2G have been doing. Many have even won awards for all of their hard work and dedication. Second graders are learning to compare and contrast the three types of communities, and have applied their understanding through experiential exercises where they "interviewed" each other about what it's like to live in an urban setting. Check out Liliana's report about Social Studies this week:

This week in Social Studies we learned about rural, suburban and urban. A rural place is a community like farmland, an urban community is like Philadelphia, and a suburban place is like where we live. I got a good citizen award. Did you ever do Social Studies?
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Chinese New Year

This week we learned all about Chinese New Year. We read an interesting article in Scholastic News, watched videos, and met with our preschool buddies to help them create masks for the Year of the Monkey, write their name in Chinese, and make Chinese dragons. Mrs. Lovett came in to teach us more about Chinese New Year with an amazing Power Point slideshow. She and Alexander also gave out some traditional Chinese goodies.

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O.W.L. of the Week Visitors

Each week one of our students has been chosen to be the O.W.L. of the week. Not only do we get to know each other better, but it is also a great opportunity to bring in some very knowledgeable visitors; our parents and families! We have been so fortunate to have a wide variety of experiences from making holiday crafts, to hearing stories, enjoying ethnic or traditional treats, and learning about our parents occupations. This has been such an amazing and enriching experience for our second graders this year! Thank you for continuing to make time out of your busy schedules to become a part of our learning experience!

Everyday Math- Highlights of This Week

  • During Math, we completed an exploration, learning about shapes using geoboards, learning about time by playing "Time Concentration," and learning about arrays using unifix cubes and centimeter grid paper.
  • We learned about adding/subtracting 10 and 100 to a number by playing Addition/ Subtraction Spin-It.

We are featured in the Dragon Gazette! Check out the link to the article below.

For Your Calendar

2/8 Interim Reports in Genesis, Grades 1-5 3:30 PM

2/9-2/11 Scholastic Book Fair

2/11 Book Fair Family Night 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM

2/12 Valentine’s Day Parties 2:00 PM

2/15 Presidents’ Day – No School

2/16 No School For Students-Teacher Professional Development

2/18 PTA Meeting 8:30 AM, Library

2/18 Community Meeting 1:45 PM

2/19 Spaghetti Bingo 6:00 PM

2/25 Salad Bar Lunch

2/26 School Store 11:50 AM – 12:40 PM