December News and Updates

Portland Circle of Friends & Family Preschool

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School Closures (barring inclement weather)

Monday, December 18th - Friday, December 29th: Winter Break - No School

Monday, January 1st: New Year's Day - No School

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Santa and Pajama Day - Woot!

You don't have to get the kids dressed for this day of school ~ Alleluia!

Dress your littles in their favorite pj's and watch them light up when Santa arrives!

Thursday, December 14th is pajama day for Caterpillars

Friday, December 15th is pajama day for Butterflies

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Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

It's a really easy way to generate some extra dough for our little school and all ya gotta do is get friends and family to pledge to pay you for reading to your littles.

We already have to read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom three times before bed, so GET PAID FOR IT! By FAMILY. It's the easiest way to ask for money.

  • Tell your family about it.
  • You can even post on social media about it and take payments for it through facebook by setting up and sharing a venmo link. Check it out below!
  • Ask for a flat pledge for reading time
  • PCFF Gets Paid
  • Donor gets a write off

Set up a venmo account and let your friends and family support us through that easy app!

I'll see you at the top of that money tree.

Play Based Education Corner

We all know why we have our monkeys at PCF. But for some of us grown ups (like myself) play is really, really hard. I'm a doer. A task and mission master. SO sitting down to play is really like moving a mountain for me. It's a full body/brain effort. And it frequently makes me question my parenting prowess.

Most parents have probably heard of the site Hand In Hand Parenting.. but just incase you are busy and don't go looking for these nuggets of info, here's a link to "10 Tips for More Playful Parenting".

Warmly, Becca

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Mandatory Parent Meetings

Next Meeting: January 10th, 2018

  • Yo Not Attending Costs Us $20. (Talk about a motivator!)
  • Second Wednesday of Every Other Month
  • 6-8pm
  • Childcare: $5/Kiddo

(Make sure to arrive by 5:45 for drop off so you make it to the meeting on time)

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The Spaghetti Dinner Results Are In!

An Impressive Team Effort ~ Thank You Everyone!

  • The Net for the Spaghetti Dinner was 1060.00! That's a slight increase over last year.
  • The dessert selection was impressive and gave attendees a chance to engage in some friendly competition.
  • Tiffany did a Bang Up Job on running the kitchen and cooking. WELL DONE!
  • Rita, stellar follow through on the procurement and planning!
  • It looks like everyone enjoyed the event, we will improve on this for next year to make things easier on our parent volunteers.
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Board Meeting Dates Change to First Friday of Each Month from 12:30-2pm

Who We Are

Portland Circle of Friends and Family Preschool has been in existence as a play based cooperative preschool in Portland, Oregon since the fall of 1996. The preschool is operated by parents and continues to provide a valuable education service, at a low cost, to families within the community