Shiloh Scoop

Second edition

Mailbox Beautification Update

Thank you to everyone in the community for participating in the Mailbox Beautification day on September 11th, 2021. The day was a huge success. There is still time to participate in making your mailbox shine. If you need to order more parts for your mailbox or want to see the tutorial video please click on the attached links.
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Shiloh Farms mailbox repair


HOA Dues due in February! Plan ahead.

Reminder: HOA dues are $825 and are due on February 1st, 2022. Please make sure to plan for your payment and mail it in before the due date to avoid any late fees.

Stay updated on Board Discussions

Traffic mitigation Vote is COMING.


This might be the most important vote of our community’s life, and we need 100% of homeowners to vote when the time comes.

As explained in the first newsletter, there are 2 viable options to consider based on meetings with county officials and what they have told us are realistic options for traffic mitigation in our community.

Option 1: Fully gating the community.

The county will not allow a single gate, but will support fully gating our neighborhood. This will require abandonment of the roads, meaning the county will no longer pay for maintenance on the roads (including resurfacing and sidewalk maintenance). Fully gating would result in an increase in annual dues to cover road maintenance expenses, and would also include a special assessment to pay for installation of the new gates. Before voting, you will receive detailed information including the initial and ongoing costs associated with double gates.

Option 2: Other traffic mitigation measures

The traffic mitigation measures will include traffic calming and awareness measures such as speed tables, additional signage, and communication from the county to local businesses to keep trucks out of our neighborhood. If this option is chosen, the county will pay for these measures, and there will be no increase in dues needed to pay for them. The Board will work closely with the county on the placement of any traffic calming devices to minimize the noise created by them, which could impact the neighbors who back up to Shiloh Road. Again, your voice is imperative in this decision. We need 100% of the neighborhood to respond to this survey.

Option 3: Do nothing

Two weeks before the annual meeting the Board will email a detailed presentation that includes full costs and other considerations associated with options 1 and 2. We recognize that this is an important decision, and you will have the opportunity to ask questions at the annual meeting. We will vote a few weeks after the annual meeting.



As the vote for traffic mitigation in our neighborhood approaches, the issue of a single trash company has been raised once again. These issues are related because heavy trucks, like garbage trucks, wear down asphalt. If Shiloh Farms is a fully-gated community, the county will abandon the roads, leaving residents responsible for upkeep. Therefore, it benefits residents to select one company for trash collection in order to minimize both traffic and the wearing down of costly asphalt by multiple trucks.

If approved, the Board will work with an identified vendor that specializes in contract negotiations for waste services, to negotiate and manage a contract. Possible solutions include:

  1. Direct monthly payment by homeowners to vendor @ approximately $23.50/month.

  2. Shiloh Farms HOA makes payments to vendor, and residents pay HOA annual fees of approximately $228 (averaging $19/month).

Both options are with Red Oak Sanitation, and include 2 @ 96-gallon totes for waste and recycling.

Capital Improvement Projects being considered

Capital improvement:

The HOA Board is currently bidding out work to fix the entire fence line and repaint it. We are assessing whether it is more cost effective to repair or replace the fence as there are many posts and boards that are completely rotten.

The Board is also bidding out concrete work on our property. There is a large section of concrete in the tennis pavilion that needs repair. We are considering doing all concrete repairs at that time. This will include but is not limited to the curbs in the parking lot and the stairs leading up to Ridgefield off Shiloh Road. We are also trying to work with the county to get the sidewalks on Shiloh Road repaired because of damage caused by tree roots.

We are also very aware of the loose and dead branches in the trees along Shiloh Road. We are working with the county to have some branch maintenance work done along Shiloh within our neighborhood.

Shiloh Life

Thank you to all of the volunteers that generously donate their time and efforts to host events for our residents. We appreciate them so much and encourage residents to express their gratitude toward them. Without them, we will not have Shiloh Life! Please consider volunteering for one of our events. We simply can’t do it without you!

The WHY's of the Clubhouse rental process

Reserving the clubhouse for a private event is confirmed by receipt of the reservation form, fee, and the deposit check. CMA offices are closed to the public so the checks will need to be mailed in. Please allow enough time for the mail service to deliver the checks to CMA. Clubhouse availability can be confirmed by emailing Karen Boyle at and copy Carrie Neville at

Why does it need to be done this way?

The reason we need the 2 weeks’ notice and the mailed in check is because we need to schedule a maid service to clean after the event. Also, the deposit check is simply held and shredded or returned once the clubhouse is checked for damage. We do not deposit this check as then a refund would have to be generated. Please remember all of this when you are booking the clubhouse. We are not trying to make it difficult for homeowners, there is just a process that needs to be followed. Please remember to ALWAYS include your form with your checks. This is the only way the correct account will be credited. Thanks!

Safety In and Around our Neighborhood

Please help us with traffic awareness within our neighborhood. Please follow all posted speed limits and stop at all stop signs. The safety of our children, neighbors, and pets are of utmost importance. Please slow down.

Shiloh Adult Night

Saturday, Oct. 9th, 6pm

6025 Shiloh Road East

Alpharetta, GA

This is a free event for all neighbors provided by the Shiloh HOA association. The is a BYOB event, football will be on a big screen with food offered (for those that responded to the RSVP). Corn hole will also be available for play. This will be a great fall evening spent with our community. If you did not RSVP for food, you can still come to the event (just please bring your own food or eat before). Food was ordered based on the food RSVP that closed on October 4th. Please bring your own chairs to this event.

Shiloh Farms Fall Festival

Sunday, Nov. 7th, 2-4:30pm

6025 Shiloh Road East

Alpharetta, GA

Join us for a day of Family Fun at the Shiloh Farms Fall Festival (Face painting, petting zoo, bungee trampoline, crafts, bouncy house, games, and THRIFT IT Atlanta Donation table). Please be on the look out for volunteer sign ups. We can not make this day happen without participation from the community.

Cookies with Santa

Friday, Dec. 3rd, 2pm

6025 Shiloh Road East

Alpharetta, GA

Join us for Cookies with Santa. Look for a sign up genius to sign up for your time slot.

Important information for Common issues in our neighborhood:

1.) The street light by my house is out. Who do I contact to get this addressed?

Street lights are maintained by Sawnee EMC. You can call them at 770-887-2363 and provide them your street address.

You may be asked to provide a light number that you can find on the pole itself.

2) How to contact Forsyth County Animal Services to report a dead animal on the street:

Contact Roads and Bridges: 770-781-2155

3) To report Animal Services violations:

Contact Forsyth County Animal services: 770-781-2138

According to Forsyth County Animal services:

Q. Can my dog be tied up outside?
A. No. Dogs are not permitted to be tied or chained up and unattended at any time.

Q. There are dogs barking in my neighborhood. What can I do?
A. The offense can be reported to Animal Services to investigate. Please note that unreasonable barking or other noises shall mean barks, bays, cries, howls or other noises that are continuous or incessant for a period of 30 minutes, or are intermittent for a period of one hour or more.

Other common FAQ's can be found at the embedded link below.

Shiloh Farms HOA Board of Directors

Director Hokan Ojert President Ridgefield

Director Jane McLain Vice President Belmont

Director Gary Nixon Treasurer Belmont

Director Lance Hall Secretary Belmont

Director Dawn Bourg Member at Large Crofton

Association Manager (CMA)Carrie Neville404-835-9216CMA