Crisis Prevention Intervention

Training Course @ IIS

Our CPI Training Day is approaching

Our long awaited CPI Training at IIS is coming up. Before we meet please familiarise yourself with the following brief history.

CPI was established in 1980 for human service professionals to address the need for training in safe, respectful, noninvasive methods for managing disruptive and assaultive behavior in a way that is compatible with staff's duty to provide the best possible care.

Developed during the 1970s, Nonviolent Crisis Intervention® training provided a balance in behavior management that was unique at that time. The company co-founders' human service experience and backgrounds in kinesics, physiology, and communication contributed to the development of an innovative, holistic system for defusing escalating behavior.

Understanding effective communication and human physiology during aggressive moments, as well as the core philosophy of maintaining Care, Welfare, Safety, and SecuritySM, provides the training’s solid foundation. Since the company's inception, and now in its fourth decade, CPI remains on the forefront of critical issues and best practices in behavior management.

Since 1980, more than six million human service professionals around the world have participated in CPI training programs to learn proven strategies for safely resolving situations when confronted by anxious, hostile, or violent behavior, while protecting the therapeutic relationships with those in their care.

CPI Staff Training

Saturday, Aug. 31st 2013 at 9:30am-4pm

Integrated International School (IIS) Singapore

The first training day is set for 31 August 2013. Our second training day is set for 7 September 2013 - same time.

Our training will be dynamic so please make sure to come in comfortable clothing - similar to Sports attire. Please wear sport shoes as well as we will be getting active in the afternoon.

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