The Miller

The Canterbury Tales

What specific occupation does your character practice?

They ground grain brought that was brought to them by the by the citizens of the town. They would grind the grain into flour to make bread.

What does the need for this occupation tell us about the time period?

Civilians relied on someone like the miller to prepare and distribute grain to the bakers and people like him to make food. Grinding the food allows for the easier digestion and saves wear on the teeth. People had to put trust in others if they wanted to eat, or other small task we take for granted today.

What was his or her social standing?

Most peasants were farmers, but the word applied also to the village blacksmith or cooper or miller.

What might your character's day to day day life be like?

They would start their day with setting up equipment to grind grain. He would also have clean the equipment regulary, eventualy they would sell there produce when they had enough.

What modern day occupation might correspond to your medieval character and why?

Making bread and other things made from wheat to sell. So a farmer that grows wheat crops would be closely related to the line of work that a miller had.

Physical appearence

Short, muscular, and broad boned person. Wore a small coat, blue hood, carried a sword and shield.

Which lines in the prologue best describe is physical appearence?

"The miller was a short, but he was still pretty big guy- muscular, broad, and big boned."

"He wore a whitecoat with a blue hood and carried a sword and a small shield at his side."

Which lines describe his personality?

"He liked to prove how strong he was by wrestling other people wherever he went, and always won the matches."

"He loved to talk, and could tell the best bar stories, most of them about sex and sin."

"He would steal corn and then sell it three times its worth."

Which specific words add to your understanding of the character's personality?

Well when the text said "He liked to prove how strong he was" I saw that he liked to boast and try to get people to think he is tough.

List at least 5 examples of spelling variations from middle to modern English.

1. Middle English: wrastling

Modern English: wrestling

2. Middle English: stout

Modern English: short

3. Middle English: braun

Modern English: muscular

4. Middle English: dore

Modern English: door

5. Middle English: towne

Modern English: town

What is Chaucer's opinion toward this character?

He thinks he's greedy, misleading, a thief, and self centered.

What specific lines or words tell you this?

"He would steal corn and then sell it for three times its worth."

"He loved to talk, and he could tell the best bar stories, most of them about sex and sin."

"He liked to prove how strong he was by wrestling other people wherever he went, and he always won the matches"

What word choices require an understanding of vocabulary from the time period?

"The miller was a stoute carl" and "The miller was short" gave me a pretty good idea of what that meant.