Kepler 16b

And why it'd be a perfect "Earth 2.0"

Why Kepler 16b should be our next planet

I believe that we should use Kepler 16b (also known as "Tatooine") as our next planet to live on. It is bigger than Earth which means that we'd have more space to build things and is a gas giant so it might have oxygen.

Some drawbacks of Kepler 16b and how we can solve them

Its surface temperatures go from -100--150 degrees celcius but we could maybe heat it up by finding a way to combine a stars with the 2 suns. Its 200 light years away so maybe we could put multiple generations of humans on the ship or speed the rocket up with the nuclear weapon tactic.

Fun facts about Kepler 16b

Average distance from the sun= 65 million miles

Average Temperature -100 to -150 degrees celcius

Length of a day= 41.8 hours

Length of a year=229 days

Thank you

Thank you for your time and I hope you support my decision of making Kepler 16b as "Earth 2.0"