Demonstration of Skills

Making a Beef Dip & Thai Bites

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

Ms. Hattar and I will be preparing, cooking, and plating a Beef Dip and a Thai Bite inside the Milestones kitchen at the fry section on June 9th. The reason I chose these two dishes was because they are both a very popular meals that are ordered at Milestones. They also have two entirely different tastes, The beef dip is a more subtle taste and a very heavy meal, while a thai bite is a very flavourful dish with a tasteful sauce.

Demo Day

Tuesday, June 9th, 2:30pm

730 Matheson Boulevard West

Mississauga, ON


- Brief Description

- Kitchen Safety

- Beef Dip

- Thai Bite

- Tasting!!!


Thai Bites :

- put in Cajun flour and cover

- deep fry

- warm sauce

- mix meat and sauce

- plate

Beef Dip:

- cook Prime Rib with OJ

- heat bread

- Fry onions

- put together and plate

Last Notes

Materials to have: Non-slip shoes , Hair net, Black pants, (provided) apron and chef coat.

Things to do: Watch, Learn, Do, Enjoy!