Jessica Meier

Theme 1 - Standing Up

In the book the main character is a 14 year-old boy named Nick. Nick lives with his mother in a run down apartment. His father is a crook who lives in jail for his crimes. Throughout the book people torment other people. Nick stands up for his mother when kids at school are saying mean and inaccurate things about her. He ends up getting in a fight which in the ends gets him suspended from school. But he really didn't care about that he cared about his mother.

Another time this theme shows up is when Nick stands up to his friends. Nick was out with his friends thinking it would be just a quite regular night. However, that is not true. As it turns out Nick's friends were trying to rob a tourist. Nick instantly turned against his friends to help the tourist. The tourist got away unharmed, but that was not the same for Nick. Nick was beaten and shot in the shoulder by his friends. Luckily Nick survived.

Throughout the book Nick faced evil. In the end Nick stood up against and won. At the end Nick was being forced into hurting his friends. To avoid this he rose up against the evil. He had help though, but what are friends for?

Theme 2 - Family

Many times throughout the book Nick finds himself with his family. However his family is not just confined to blood ties. Nick defines his family by who backs him up and is there. An example of his family is Bubba. In his thoughts Nick thinks Bubba sort of a dad to him. This is because Bubba was there for him during his childhood when his dad wasn't there.

Another member of his family is Mark. Mark is assistant of Bubba. To Nick, Mark is the crazy uncle that no one talks about, but loves. Mark has been there to make Nick laugh and unwind from troubles.

Lastly, but not even close to the last is Caleb. Over the course of the book Caleb becomes more of a brother figure and a friend to Nick.

The book cover

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These two theme are alike because Nick stands up for those who are family. Many times throughout the book people wither insulted or hurt one of his family members. Nick stood up for each one of them each time.

These both change throughout the book. As for standing up Nick stands up more and more gaining more confidence in himself. Nick family does grow to more as new people are introduced into his life.