Team Deschutes

Evergreen - September 28 - October 2

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Student focus

We hope you are finding your stride. As we move into week 3, you will find that lessons will become more content based. If you have difficulty completing an assignment or encounter an obstacle, please reach out to us to help you. We want you all to succeed! Students should be checking their email and Google Classroom "To-do" list every day. Every activity and assignment is important. Missing work will impact your grade.

Mrs. Hicks - Language Arts

For ELA (9/28-10/2)-

We will be having a quiz on Monday over the Warm Ups from last week. Students can use their notes in their INB (unless they want to try for Honors Points, then they study the notes and don't use them on the quiz).

We will be reading a short story together in class called "Seventh Grade" by Gary Soto. We are starting to use a site called CommonLit where students can hear it read aloud to them, use annotation tools, answer questions, etc. Students will also be completing a Quick Write (#3) and a vocabulary activity.

For the asynchronous lesson on Wednesday, we are doing "Library Day" where students read for 20 minutes and fill out a Google Form to show that they participated.

Ms. Tencos

Hello Students,

I hope you all had a great first week of school! I am so happy to connect with all of you and build relationships with you all as we move throughout the upcoming weeks. I recommend for you all to rest this weekend and come prepare to learn content and continue to build great relationships with your peers and teacher. I cannot wait to see you all again on Monday!


Hola alumnos,

Espero que hayan tenido una excelente primera semana de clases! Estoy muy feliz de conectar con todos ustedes a medida que avanzamos durante las proximas semanas. Les recomiendo a todos que descansen este fin de semana y vengan preparados para aprender el contenido y continuar a construir excelentes relaciones con sus companeros y maestros. No puedo esperar para verlos a todos de nuevo el lunes!


Mrs. Lawson - Mathematics

I hope everyone has had a great weekend! My students did awesome last week participating in their math review. We practiced uploading photos of our work, and I was really impressed with how quickly we were able to pick up on the skill. We will be using this option as well as other options for showing our work during our time online.

This week, we are jumping into our curriculum. We will be starting with probability. Students will get some direct instruction about probability from me in class on Monday, and we will work together to solve some problems about it on Tuesday, specifically looking at the difference between experimental and theoretical probability. Videos of the lessons will be posted by the end of the day, so students can always review what we worked on in class!

On Thursday, we will be discussing what sample space is, working on the problems during our live session. Then on Friday, we will review what we talked about all week.

If students need extra help on any of their assignments, my office hours will be hosted in a google meeting link (posted to their classroom pages) from 2:30-3:00 PM daily. Students can pop on for a quick question, or for as much guided help as they need. If they are struggling to get their work done, please encourage your students to attend these office hours! If your student needs more individualized help, I would be happy to set up an appointment with them to meet!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about the work posted for the last couple of weeks. Grades have been updated in StudentVue/ParentVue, and missing work will always be accepted! Students will not be docked for work turned in late, so the sooner we can get that done, the better!

Thank you,

Mrs. Lawson

Mr Sherwood - Social Studies

A lot of the work during the first few weeks involves navigating our digital tools. While we continue to build toward our weekly pace, our goal right now is to build momentum with asynchronous work. At this point, we have 4 assignments in the gradebook. Students should be checking their StudentVue and Google Classroom to make sure they are completing their daily activities.

As we move into week 3, we will begin looking at Geography. Our first lessons begin with vocabulary and move into general map knowledge. By the end of the week, students will have an opportunity to take on some more challenging. Our work this week will wrap up with our first summative quiz of the year on Tuesday (October 6th). All the pieces we will be doing this week will help prepare them for the quiz.

Week 3's tip for success is for students to check StudentVue to see if you have 100% If you do not have 100% that means there is a missing assignment. Finish this work as soon as possible. This is the point where work will begin to build if you try to avoid it. I will be sending emails to parents this week if students are missing assignments.

Mr. Kottkey - Science

In Science last week, we started some work with the concept of Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning (CERs). At this point students should be able to show you their on-line Science Notebook (INB). We will continue to dive deeper into CERs this week. We completed 5 pages last week and this week we should be on page 11 or 12 by the end of this week.

It is all about relationships, routines, and resilience. Please remember, if you need help, reach out to your child’s teachers. We are here for you. Google Hangouts/Email/Office Hours/Google meets!

Looking for a club to connect with?

Check out the clubs offered at EMS this year.

Parents Corner

If you do not have ParentVue or the Google Classroom Parent report and want these features, email Mr. Sherwood at

We hope your first two weeks of the year have been smooth. At this point, we are a couple weeks away from our first grade check of the year (Midterm 1). We highly recommend popping into ParentVue and checking your student's grades so far. If there are any missing assignments, check in with your child to make sure they are aware they are missing work (they should be). If your child is missing work, encourage them to reach out to the teacher or finish the assignment (or both). We are here to help them navigate our courses. The longer the assignment is put off, the more stress will build. Parents, feel free to reach out to the teachers as well.

If your student is all caught up and looking for something extra to build their middle school experience, we have a couple of options.

  • First we have a variety of clubs to start the year. Check out the list of clubs currently offered (above). If your child has an idea for a club, encourage them to contact Mrs. Anderson (7th grade counselor).
  • Mr. Sherwood will also be posting a link in his google classrooms for the district's link to Rosetta Stone. There are many language opportunities available through this free opportunity.
  • 7th Grade Lunch opportunity on Monday's and Friday's. Getting to know other 7th graders is a little challenging with Distance Learning. Mrs. Anderson has arranged a time for students to chat with other 7th graders at 1:00 PM during our designated lunch time.