John Lenard "Jack" Swigert Jr.


Born:August 30,1931Denver Colorado

Died:December 27,1982 washinton D.C

blond hair blue eyes 5'11 1/2 180 pounds

political party-republican

never married

no kids

enjoys golf,handball,bowling,skiing,swiming,basketball,and photograpy.

major achievements

  • elected to house of representives
  • served in the air force from 1953 to 1956
  • member of the quiet birdmen,phigamma delta,pitau sigma, and sigma tu.
  • command module piolet
  • was support crew for apollo 7
  • once a test piolet


Attended regis and east high schools in Denver;received bachelor of science degree in Mechanical Engineering from university of Colorado,1953;master of science in Aerospace Science from Rensselear Polytechnic Institute,1965;master of business Administration from the University of Harvord,1967;and was presented Honorary Doctorate of Science by American International Collage,1970.

work facts

  • last minute replacement for apollo 13
  • worked at the air force
  • was a test piolet
  • retired august 1977
  • mechanical and aerospace engineer

significant to the apollo program

Jack was significant for the apollo program because he was a last minute replacement.If jack didn't say yes apollo 13 may of not went on because the ship would of not had a piolet to fly it to space