Gender differences in the media

We are the same but treated differently

The differences

In the media, women with eating disorders are shown on TV and in magazines. Men with eating disorders however are not shown. This is not fair and makes the men feel bad that the women are shown and they are not.

SuperSize Vs SuperSkinny

A show on Channel 4 named Supersized Vs superSkinny is all about people with eating disorders, whether they are anorexic or dangerously overweight. The problem with this show is that they mainly show women. Men are not on the show as often as women are.

Why do the media do this?

The media do this because....

The media only show women with anorexia, this causes frustration with the people who have anorexia. The media show the celebrities with anorexia as beautiful, romantic and glamorous. Women with children who have anorexia feel angry at the way anorexia is portraid in the media as something that is not good to do but makes you look better.

Lets stop gender differences in the media!