Jaguar Junction - November 2021

Jardine Middle School

A note from your Principal - Mr. Haire

Thank you all for your time and commitment to visiting with teachers during the parent teacher conferences. Thank you as well as being involved in listening to your student's present their conference slideshow. It is our goal to help students become more engaged in their progress academically, behaviorally, and social/emotionally. At middle school, they truly need to be part of the team moving forward to carve their path to success in whatever they choose to do now and in the future.

Also thank you for attending the PTO night and learning more about our Naviance Program. If you happen to miss the night and want to know more about Naviance, please contact Mr. Falk at It will be a platform you and your student will use in the years to come to plan for high school as well as post graduate plans.

Please also mark your calendars for Nov. 11 for our next Family Engagement Night. More information will come soon on this event and the times.

A note from your Assistant Principal - Mr. Haag

Harvesters Mobile Food Pantry -

Did you know that Jardine Middle School hosts a Harvester’s Mobile Food Pantry on the second Saturday of every month? We do!! On the second Saturday of every month, from 9:00 am until supplies run out (normally around 10:00 am) we host a drive through food pantry. Food that is given away varies each month but normally includes lots of fruits and vegetables and then a variety of different items ranging from dairy products to sometimes meat products. If you are a family in need, or know of a family in need, you can come and wait in line to pick up food. Our line starts at the southeast corner of the building (next to our visitor parking) and runs north up the circle drive and down past the elementary school entrance. Most people enter by the elementary school off of 30th street and get in line from there. Unless there is dangerous weather or freezing conditions, the pantry goes on as scheduled. For those who would like to volunteer to help hand out food, please contact Mr. Haag or Mr. Haire for information. We are always looking for people who can help out giving to our community members. This also goes for older students looking for volunteer hours.

After School Program -

We offer an After-School program from 3-4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays most school weeks. Students are expected to spend the entire session at tutoring unless they are excused early with parent permission. If they are attending for homework help/tutoring, students must have something to work on. Space is limited so sign up needs to be a week in advance. If you would like more information or wish to sign up, please email Mr. Haag at This program consists of homework help, tutoring, extensions activities, etc. We will have this program all through November with the exception of November 23, 24, and 25.

Counselor Corner - Mr. Falk & Ms. Waldy

Red Ribbon was recognized during the last week of October.

The theme was “Drug Free Looks Like Me”

Staff and students participated in a spirit week in which they followed daily dress-up themes to show their support against the use of drugs. The students also read and discussed the story of Enrique Camarena. This story led to Red Ribbon Week being recognized every year in schools across the nation.

Naviance News

During the first nine weeks Mr. Falk and Ms. Waldy worked with students to complete assessments, tasks, surveys, and/or lessons. To help parents stay involved, we will be listing them in each newsletter. An email was sent out to each parent with a URL to Naviance. This allows parents to view assessment results and preview lessons that their student(s) will be completing. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Falk or Ms. Waldy for assistance.

1st Quarter

6th Grade

Career Cluster Finder Assessment

MS Scavenger Hunt Survey

What Do You Know Lesson

7th Grade

Career Key Assessment

What Makes Me Unique Lesson

Overcoming Obstacles Lesson

Understanding My Interests Lesson

8th Grade

Learning & Productivity Assessment

Exploring Interests & Careers Survey

2nd Quarter

6th Grade

Explore Careers with Career Cluster Task

My Foundation Lesson

Self-Confidence Lesson

Using My Strengths Lesson

7th Grade

Add Careers to My List Task

How I Learn Lesson

Habits for Success Lesson

Getting Involved Lesson

8th Grade

Career Key Assessment

Add Careers to My List Task

Connecting Interests and Careers Lesson

My Personal Support Network Lesson

Talking with My Family Lesson

Fall Sports - Mr. Snyder

Vince Lombardi once said, "We didn't lose the game; we just ran out of time. "

Our fall season has ended. The football team ended up third playing Eisenhower at city. Our Volleyball team finished third in the city after a tough match against Robinson. The girl's tennis team won one city championship and played hard the entire season. Cross Country had a great turn out, our 8th grade boys placed 2nd and the entire team placing 3rd overall at city.

Up-coming events for our sports program are Girls Basketball and Boys Soccer. The first game is on November 1st against Cair Paravel for the boys soccer team and girls basketball will play French on November 2nd.

Our Drama department has been working hard on our school musical ““The Enchanted Bookshop” 'You may buy advance tickets to attend or pay at the door. This year we are not able to have a dinner so the performances will be November 17 and 18 at 6:30pm.We have seating for 150 people. At this time we must follow our covid protocol of sitting with your family unit and having at least 3 feet apart from others. Tickets will cost $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for students and children 5 and under free.

A note from our Social Worker - Ms. Sparks

Phew! We have made it to November and school is rolling along nicely. It seems for the most part, students are adjusting well to the day long attendance again. There are a few students that find feeling settled in this environment to be a little more challenging.

Remember to encourage your student to get involved. Sports and various clubs are starting and are announced at lunchtime. Providing outlets for positive interaction with other students, while doing a fun activity, can help the long day go by more quickly. If your student is struggling academically---we have tutoring they can sign up for help.

Finally, we have support staff available to help. Social work services and Counselors are at school every day. We want to help your student to feel settled and to get to know others at Jardine. Their school experience will be so much more enjoyable with support from staff and fun activities in which to participate.

Get involved!!!!

Chromebook Information & Library News - Ms. Gilliland

  • If your student is having chromebook issues, please tell them to visit the library to talk to Ms. Gilliland

  • Students reviewed how to put a book on hold and how to access an ebook during their recent library classes. Some classes also played a Halloween Kahoot.

  • Each student at Jardine is allowed to check out up to 3 library books at a time. The students are allowed to checkout anytime they have permission from their teachers.

  • I have 5 students signed up for book club that will start at the end of October and run thru December. The students will get to choose what book/s we read during this time.

  • During November the students will review what online sources they can use for their writing assessment as well as how to obtain citations.

  • This year’s William Allen Whit e List can be accessed here. We discussed several of the book on the lists during the past couple weeks in library classes.

  • We will be doing a Chromebook Check the week of December 6-10. This will allow us to touch base with students about anything that might not be working correctly, needing chargers, and checked out the correct device. If students need a charger, you can purchase one in the front office for $20.

Musical - Ms. Rowe

An ordinary used book shop by day, A Likely Story becomes a magical place each night. Thanks to a spell from the Book Fairy, the characters inside the books come alive each and every night. Six of those characters — Dorothy Gale, Robin Hood, Pollyanna, Sherlock Holmes, Heidi, and Tom Sawyer — long to help Margie, the scatterbrained owner, save her struggling store. But they’re not allowed to leave the building or be seen by human eyes.

So when a pair of bungling smugglers comes looking for a stolen necklace hidden inside one of the books, the characters are torn. Should they warn Margie and risk disappearing forever? Or can they find a way to defeat the crooks without being seen?

Performances are November 18-19, 2021 at 6:30 pm each night.

Tickets will be available at the door. Adults: $5.00—Students/Children: $3.00.

Masks are required.

Please call Tracy Rowe at 785-730-8125 or email for more information.

Check out the Jardine Middle School Drama Facebook page!

Band Notes - Ms. Rowe

The JMS Orchestras will perform their Winter Concert on Monday, December 6 at 6:30 pm in the commons.

The Winter Chorus Concert will take place on December 7th at 6:30 pm in the Jardine Commons. All 6th Grade Chorus classes and 7th and 8th Grade Choir will perform.

Please join us for the Winter Band Concert on Monday night, December 13th at 6:30 pm in the Gym. The 6th Grade Band and the 7th and 8th Grade Band will perform. The concert is free.

The 7th and 8th Grade Band will perform for the Girls Basketball Classic at Highland Park High School on December 15th. The time will be announced.

“LIKE” the Jardine Middle School Band Facebook page!

Language Arts - The Language Arts Team

“4 Reasons I’m Thankful for Books” by Kelly Appelhanz

  1. A book can change everything. After reading “I Am Malala,” I was astounded how one girl (Malala Yousafzai) fought so hard with such passion just for the right for girls to have an education in her country. Her actions and sacrifices really opened my eyes to how things are unequal and unfair in many different countries in this world.

  2. A book can teach me something new. Almost every book I read, I learn something new. Which is one of the many reasons why I love to read. Rick Riordan established a fantastic series for middle grade students called Percy Jackson and the Olympians. These books were based off of Greek mythology and I highly enjoyed learning about the different gods and goddesses and the many myths that Percy found himself right smack in the middle of.

  3. A book can help me empathize. “The Diary of Anne Frank” has left such a mark on my heart that will be with me forever. She taught me that life can change in the blink of an eye and her courageous and brave soul dealt with issues that no child should have to endure.

  4. A book can bring people together. Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had have revolved around books. An old co-worker introduced me to “Twilight” and I was hooked! We’ve been bound by books ever since trading books back and forth and then of course seeing the movie together AFTER we’ve read the book! ☺

Here's What's Happening in Language Arts......................

6th Grade: Ms. Appelhanz, Ms. du Bois, & Ms. Wooten: Unit 2 – idioms, connotation and denotation, summarizing, vocabulary, and working on my grammar to incorporate into some guided writing to prepare for District Writing Assessment at the end of November.

7th Grade: Ms. Bisconer, Ms. Morlock, & Ms. Wooten: 7th grade will be focusing on informational writing this month. All classes have begun reading The Giver as a class novel. Class readings and activities will connect to our standards on author's purpose, context clues, and simile/metaphor.

8th Grade: Ms. Watson & Ms. Pumford: The month of November will see our 8th grade class exploring the Dystopian society of our Ship Breaker novel while analyzing the elements of storytelling so that we can write stories of our own.

Students in the ESOL elective are starting their Quarter 2 PBL which focuses on the driving question, “How do discoveries change us and the world?” Students can take this project in many directions to make their own discoveries. They can learn about famous visionaries who saw a need and created something that impacted society. They can research a specific product or invention and explain how it changed the world we live in. Or they can even think about a current need in their lives and create their own inventions. Someone who has the drive to discover is always learning and that is exactly the goal of Project-Based Learning...providing students with engaging opportunities to discover something new!

Newcomer 1: Dia de los muertos sensory poem writing, school people and places, action verbs

Newcomer 2: Dia de los muertos sensory poem writing, jobs and careers, spelling high frequency words, short e, sh, ck, and double consonant words.

Science - Ms. Abellon, Mr. Lobatos, Mr. Jennings & Mr. Morris

The 6th graders are now learning the basics of Properties of Matter. They are describing how physical and chemical properties can be used to identify elements. They will also apply their math concepts to calculate density in order to identify specific elements. We will also incorporate art in our science class as they create or design models of an atom. Lastly, they explain how the periodic table organizes elements by their properties.


The 7th grade science team is concluding its Energy Unit and moving to learning all about “Matter and its Interactions”- chemistry units. We will be learning about The Periodic Table of Elements, states of matter and their physical and chemical properties. We will also be doing some experiments to observe and learn about chemical reactions. Parents, thank you for coming to the parent-teacher conferences, it was nice meeting many of you.


The 8th graders are headed off of Earth and into space for science. As we finish up with our evolution unit, we will start exploring those things we see outside of our atmosphere, starting with the Moon. We will explore the how and why of moon phases, and the relationship our Earth has with its Moon. This will just be the beginning of our exploration into space as we will slowly adventure out into our solar system and galaxy.

History Happenings - Mr. Jennings, Mr. Schawo, Ms. Miner & Ms. Morelli

6th Grade Ancient World History. We have just finished learning about the first civilization in the world, Sumer in Mesopotamia. We learned how solving problems led to cities, then used our knowledge of the “Characteristics of a Civilization” to prove the United States is a civilization, and finally explored the ups and downs that led to 4 separate “Empires” conquering Mesopotamia.

Now in November we are going to learn about Egypt. First we will explore the similarities and differences between the formation of Egypt, the world’s second civilization, and Sumer. Then we will analyze Egypt's history through the accomplishments of each of the 3 kingdoms, periods when Egypt was most unified and powerful.

We will learn about Egypt’s fascinating religion and how their beliefs made it possible for us to learn so much about people who lived 5000 years ago. Additionally, we will learn about government and human nature through the decisions, accomplishments, and failures of a variety of Pharaohs.


7th Grade World Geography is learning about the Global economy, Supply and Demand, and the impact of Globalization on the United States. Through the use of the Global Sneaker, students will be able to determine where and why many products are made overseas, profit margins, and sweatshop use for cheap labor. This unit is also the State Assessment. We know our students will love learning all about where their favorite brand and style of shoe is made.


8th Grade Social Studies: Thank you to all the parents who visited with the Social Studies Teachers during the Fall Conferences. Please, remember to keep asking your child what they are learning about in class and if they have an upcoming project due dates. Also, it is important that they know what is going on in the world. We try so hard to tie current events into class so that the students can see how our past impacts or relates to our current events.

In the 8th Grade History Class, the students are learning about the Early Republic. We are covering the foreign policy and political developments of the first 4 Presidents. The students will learn about the struggles our country had while trying to become a world leader and develop a national sense of pride.

Math - The Mighty Math Team

During the month of November, 6th graders will develop an understanding of the concept of a ratio. They will use ratio language between two quantities. Students will also understand the concept of a unit rate and use rate language in the context of a ratio relationship. For example, "we paid $50 for 10 hamburgers, which is a rate of five dollars per hamburger." Also, students will use ratio and rate reasoning to solve real-world mathematical problems. They will use equivalent ratios, tape diagrams, double number line diagrams, or equations.


7th Grade- We recently finished Module 1: Ratios and Proportional Relationships. Our classes will now begin Module 2: Rational Numbers. This module uses the Integer Game: a card game that creates a conceptual understanding of integer operations and serves as a powerful mental model students can rely on during the module. Students build on their understanding of rational numbers to add, subtract, multiply, and divide signed numbers. Previous work in computing the sums, differences, products, and quotients of fractions and decimals serves as a significant foundation as well.

If your student needs extra help in math, or simply needs to complete assignments, please consider after school tutoring.


8th Grade- As unit 2 over the Pythagorean theorem is wrapping up, we begin to look forward to unit 3. In this unit, we will begin to make connections between proportional relationships from 7th grade, y=kx, and linear equations, y=mx+b. Both of these relationships are linear (make a straight line when graphed, degree of 1), and both have a constant rate of change. In proportional relationships the constant rate of change is called the constant of proportionality, k, and represents a constant change over time.In linear equations, the constant rate of change is referred to as the slope of the line, m. The big difference between these two linear relationships is that proportional relationships MUST go through the origin (0,0), while linear relationships can go through the origin, but don’t HAVE to. In that manner, all proportional relationships are linear relationships, but not all linear relationships are proportional.

Real life example:

If I drive into a parking garage and onlycharged by the hour, that is proportional because for 0 hours I pay $0. If, however, I am charged to drive into the parking lot and then also charged by the hour, that is linear because for 0 hours I will already have paid some money.Examples your student will be asked to complete include:

  1. Use symbolic language to write the statement “twice a number less four”. This translates to “2x-4”.These are literal translations, and students must pay attention to how the statement is worded. If the above example is changed to “twice a number less than four”, the translation becomes “4-2x”. The addition of the word “than” changes the meaning.

  2. Determine if an expression is linear or nonlinear. Linear expressions are those whose highest exponent, degree, on the variable is “1”, like in the expression 3x-7. Nonlinear expressions are those whose degree, the exponent on the variable, is greater than one, as in the expression 2x³-4.

  3. Use properties of equality to solve linear equations, and then check their solutions.

  4. Write and solve equations to find the measure of angles in triangles. (This is a review of Unit 1 concepts.)

  5. Determine the number of solutions to an equation- one, none, or many.

    1. One Solution 3x=15

There is only one solution, 5, that makes this true.

  1. Infinitely many solutions (an Identity) 2x + 7 = 2x + 3 + 4

There are infinitely many solutions to this equation because when simplified, the left side is the same as the right side- thus this is also called an Identity.

  1. No Solution 3=2

There is no solution for this because it is a false statement.

Students will also be working on literal translations...transcribing word problems into algebraic expressions and equations and then evaluating or solving them. This is most likely the first time your student will be exposed to an equation having different numbers of solutions. They will discover that an equation can have one solution, no solution, or infinitely many solutions (this is called an Identity).

Computer Applications - Mr. Esau

Hello from 7th Grade Computer Lab! We will be wrapping up our unit over basic computer programming and working on some small projects that incorporate Google Slides. We may revisit Google Docs/Sheets as a refresher before December. Please make sure to keep practicing your typing skills as well! If you ever have any questions or concerns, email me at

Physical Education- Mr. Coffman & Ms. Remer

The first weeks of October was used to get baselines on students’ physical fitness/skills. We encouraged all the students to do their best. The only thing they competed against was stopwatches, tape measures and/or the pull up bar. Later in the year, we will retest and see if the students’ have improved their physical fitness/skills. Shuttle Run, Flexed Arm Hang and Pull-up results will be published in a future newsletter.

*First semester classes are 6 & 8th grade only.

Physical Fitness Highlights:

Sit & Reach

8th – Amari Triplett 23”

Zane Smith 22.5”

Christan Clark 22”

Melaun Coleman 21.5”

Aidan Flanagan 20”

Jessica Phifer 20”

Berlyn Kolean 20”

6th - Haley Caryl 21”

Leianna Gonzales 20”

600 Run/Walk

Two decade old records were broken by 8th graders-

Keimara Marshall 1:46 and Zane Smith 1:42 WOW!

2:05 or less achievers:

8Th - Gavin Alderson 1:46

Tyren Parker 1:55

Coalton Zoch 1:56

Jose Silva 1:58

Eduardo Acosta 2:02

Troy Hill 2:02

Billy Lutz 2:04

Eli Engle 2:05

Will Scott 2:05

6th - Jackson Wills 2:04

Damauri Peeples 2:05

50 yard dash:

8th- Quortey Hailey 5.8

Tyren Parker 6.0

Zane Smith 6.2

Will Scott 6.2

Billy Lutz 6.5

6th Nasiyah Thomas 6.1

Over 45 sit- ups:

8- Zane Smith 58

Billy Lutz 54

Keimara Marshall 51

Eric McKinley 51

Michael Weatherly 47

Josh Shaw 45

Gavin Alderson 46

Christian Jones 46

Aidan Flanagan 45

6- Nasiyah Thomas 65

Mason Smith 54

Jackson Wills 50

Art - Ms. Latham

Jardine artists are hard at work in the art studio as we host our first art show of the year. Students learn how art and culture are interconnected as we explore the cultural traditions of Dia De Los Muertos. This month each artist completed a printmaking project where we continue to celebrate hispanic heritage month and learn about the tradition of Dia De Los Muertos. Translating to English as Day of the Dead, families celebrate the lives of loved ones by spending the day reminiscing cherished memories of those who have passed. In collaboration with the ESL Emily Scott, ESL Angie Shelton, and FACTS teacher, Janet Wentz, our artists are working to create a collaborative art display in the C-hall of Jardine Middle School. This exhibit will be up through the month of November. We will then transition into our most anticipated unit of clay, and will be spending the rest of the month working with ceramics. This is an exciting experience for our students. I am looking forward to it as they enjoy the unit and are deeply engaged in the learning process.