Reach Grade 1 Newsletter: SP

April 2016

What's New in Reach?

Students have been busy learning the different thinking skills with the PETS program (Primary Education Thinking Skills). We worked on Inventive Thinking. Students created their own "brainfocals" to brainstorm new and inventive ideas. Our next skill is analytical thinking. The students will meet the character, Sybil the Scientist, who loves to classify and organize the information she collects. They will learn (in analytical thinking): there are no pre-determined rules for classifying and there may be more than one equally correct way to sort data.

Students are researching their famous person and sharing as they complete their research. It has been interesting to learn about these people and their accomplishments.

We continue working on the multi-step math word problems. I have seen so much progress this year. Students are becoming more independent when solving these problems and using different operations. Way to go!

I hope you had a wonderful and relaxing spring break. I am looking forward to a terrific April and May in the Reach room.

My family and I were in San Diego over break. Below is a picture of us at the San Diego Safari Park.

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