A Window into Challenge

A look into Classical Conversations Challenge Programs

It is my honor and privilege to announce that I will be leading a Challenge A class this fall in Miami Springs. It is also our prayer that we will have a Challenge B class in this same location! Please join me Tuesday evening, March 24 to discuss our Challenge programs and learn how to register.

Challenge Chat

Tuesday, March 24th, 7-9pm

10225 NW 56th St, Doral, FL 33178

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Homeschool Through High School: You can do it...we can help!

Concerned about your child’s education? Worried that they will not be ready to confront cultural pressures and the world when they leave home? Our responsibility as parents is to prepare our children to enter the next phase of life. We want them not only to be academically and intellectually prepared, but their readiness to stand and defend their faith is even more important!

Classical Conversations can help you with this! We are an academically-driven, Christ-centered home-learning program designed to equip parents and encourage students to excel in their education and grow in their faith. Ninety percent of our graduates stay actively involved in their church even after graduation. Academic excellence does not have to suffer to have a strong Christian education.

Our Challenge program, for 7th through 12th graders, seeks to give students more than just knowledge in a particular subject area like history or science. Instead, students learn to see how all knowledge glorifies the Lord. We train our students to become lifelong learners and lovers of God’s creation. This sets them up to be able to pursue ANY path the God has set for them, whether it be law, medicine, service, science, engineering, teaching, ministry, or anything else our Father calls them to. Our content, assignments and discussions help students progress from knowledge to understanding to wisdom. Tutors and parents collaborate in guiding students to become godly leaders and confident adults who echo in celebration of their Creator.

What makes us different? Integrated Ideas and Personal Relationships

We believe subjects cannot be taught in isolation. In higher learning, math finds its application in science; similarly literature analysis cannot be separated from philosophy, theology, or history. Our Challenge tutors lead students through seminars with a two-fold purpose: first to develop a strong personal relationship with the student, that can lead them to a close personal relationship with their Savior; second to lead the integration of ideas, skills, and concepts.

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Challenge provides...

  • a structured academic program that supports YOU as the teacher for your child
  • engaging instruction and conversation for a full spectrum of academics including government, literature, sciences, philosophy, theology, logic and languages
  • the opportunity to develop skills of oral and written communication, research, memorization, debate and critical thinking
  • an education that can prepare a student for whatever it is God has set in their hearts
  • mentors for student and parents
  • fellowship with other middle and high school students
  • growing opportunities for dual enrollment in classes of math, theology and history
  • study abroad opportunities in Italy
  • student retreats on a national level
  • local opportunities for service projects and field trips
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