Desert Biome

Sahara Desert

Climate & Location

  • Average day temp. 100 degrees
  • Average temp. at night 20 degree
  • Great Basin Desert, U.S.
  • Sahara Desert, Africa

Plants & Adaptations

  • Gourds- not much water needed
  • Palm trees- hole water well
  • Grasses- shade themselves
  • Cactus- learn to store water for a long time

Animals & Adaptations

  • Thorny Devil- absorbs water through skin so every bit of water is used.
  • African Pyxie Frog- hibernate during dry season.
  • Chuckwalla- hides under a rock and in inflates so it can't be pulled out.

Human Impact

  • Drilled desert ground for oil
  • Destroyed Ozone layer
  • Polluted air
  • Dodo bird went extinct
  • Over hunting