Beauty From All Around

Join me to help you feel more confident about yourself

Confidence has never felt so good until now.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, genders, make-up looks and hair designs, but it doesn't always feel that way. Learning the art of make-up design and hair design is one of the many tools you can use to help you feel more confident. So join me in a class to teach you these wonderful things and skills that I've been taught.

The first Tuesday of every month from 6-8 PM

Whether you'd like to meet in person, or do an online class through a social media database (such as Skype), this is the class for you. We would meet in person (if wished), then those who would wish to join from the comfort of their own homes can by adding my class username on there. We will then have a hair/makeup demonstration, a Q&A session, and a Confidence Boost of the month post, created with a collage of photos of students and their progress of confidence building.

Guaranteed to be fun, relaxing, and uplifting.

An Example of what you would be learning :)

How to Apply Eyeshadow for Beginners - Simple Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions

  • "What are the benefits of wearing makeup and styling your hair everyday?"

The benefit is to learn different ways to have yourself appear attractive to you specifically while possibly becoming attractive to others. Learning new things and applying it to your daily lifestyle can be a wonderful thing.

  • "Do I have to apply makeup and style my hair every day if I want to participate in this course?"

Most certainly not! Whether you want to look your best in person and online, or you just want to learn new things, you aren't required to apply makeup. It's recommended to test out makeup looks but it's your own choosing to do so.

Feel free to contact me via below, to help create the path to a Confident you!

C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T that's right, We're Confident.

I've been in love with the thought of doing someone else's makeup and hair for the longest time. When I was little, I would always ask my mother and my sister if I could do their hair, they said yes, although their hair would end up in knots at the end. At the beginning of my Sophomore year in high-school, I signed up for a cosmetology course my school offered, and I learned most of my information from there for this. Over the years, I've developed a gigantic passion for the cosmetology field, that I want to continue it into my future and make it my career. With your participation, you can make it a reality for me, so really, it's a win/win situation.