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Family Functions as an Important Social Structure

The study of social science include the study of social institution too. Frankly it is impossible to discuss all the branches of social science. So it is easier to pick up a single branch that is sociology and discuss. Here we can very well exclaim that as we have said society, society is consisting of people. These people get into communication with other people every day. This forms of interaction include the behavioral strata of an individual. It is the manner that an individual re acts in a specific situation. It is correct that every individual will not behave in the same manner as the other one. They will differ depending on several characteristic.

Behavior of a person is learn t as said by Freud, who is known to be the father of psychology. No person is born with the behavioral characteristic. It is from the family and the other social grounds that they learn how to behave in several situation. Family is known to be the primary institution. That is family is the first place when a human child seeing their seniors start imitating and learning how to behave. In the study of social science we will also see that behavior of an individual keeps on changing from phase to phase. This is because with time the child grows into an adult attaining several stages of maturity. This helps the individual to form a type of personality that remains constant after a certain age. So as the behavior and mode of communication is discussed we can also call it the psychological study of human which is also apart of social science.

On the topic of family several research studies has shown results that a child behavior is very well affected by the structure of the family and its family condition. First the financial status of the family is looked into. Then further studies are done that what kind of life style is provided to the child and the child education part is too looked into. So all these topics are hovered over when the social science research is done. Situations and environment in family is also important. The researcher working on the project of social science also see, that whether the child living in the family is joint or nuclear? It is very normal that a child grown up in a joint family will have different habits and nature of that one in a nuclear family. So during the survey all these points are kept in mind.