PBL-Making it Real

Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning TLC (15 pts)

Let's learn by doing - make something. Something real, something that matters!

  • Team up with another teacher (cross-curricular is the best!)
  • Engage some kids: a class, a club, your favorite students
  • Conduct a long-term project-based learning experience
  • Monthly meet-ups after school to share, learn and reflect

The Career Technical Education (CTE) office can help with resources, equipment for making things, technical assistance, community connections, publicity...what do you need?

Bruce May - Facilitator

I taught middle school math and science following a 20-year career in science, engineering and management. Project-based learning is the best way to help students at any academic level foster the unique real-world skills that can make them productive and happy. As a Career Technical Education TOSA I want to help you experience the challenges and rewards of project-based learning. Fun times!

Mike Gizzo - Co-Facilitator

Mike taught business and marketing for 10 years and worked in global infrastructure/IT before joining the Career Technical Education team. Mike supports CTE teachers throughout the district from K to 12th. Mike is a maker at heart - attested to by a meticulously refurbished 1962 Aljo Sportsman travel trailer for vacations with his wife and kids (1st and 2nd graders at Sunset Hills). Mike's brother Joe at Meadowbrook is way more famous.