What To Visit Along the Nile River

By Molly Moe

Aswan High Dam

The Aswan High Dam has a combination of a river, sand, homes, fences, and islands. The river gets bigger and a road and fence go through the middle of the river. One thing that happens to the Aswan High Dam is that t

he lake straddles the borders between Sudan and Egypt. The water in this dam is released from

Lake Nasser. When this dam was formed thousands of people had to move because their homes were covered and under water.

Khartoum, Sudan

The Khartoum, Sudan is stationed with a river, and flat land around it. There is not much to look at or view, here. The Khartoum, Sudan runs along the dark waters of the Blue river. The Blue number gets larger, the more summer rains impact on it. After the rivers collide, the river waters don't mix very well.

Farmland along the Nile

Fields, donkeys, grass, river, mountains, trees are some of the things that you might see there. Size of the river gets smaller as it goes through tight and crowded areas.

Delta and floodplains make up 3% of Egypt’s land area.

95% of all Egyptians live along the Nile. The

Delta contains 60% of all nations farmland.

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Cairo, Egypt

City, buildings, roads, river, boats, bridge, little amount of grassland are the main things seen in Cairo, Egypt. The river get larger and expands as it goes through Africa.

More than 11 million people live there, and is one of the largest cities in the world.

River flows through the center of the city.

Cairo is pouring waste sewage into water.

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