"The Kite Rider "

Ancient China

Rearching Ancient China

Using the Ducksters website and other resources.


Areas of research -What do I need to Find Out?

*The Great Wall of China *Genghis Khan

*The Forbidden City * Kublai Khan

*Terracotta Army * Marco Polo

*Inventions *Sun Tzu

*Daily Life in Ancient China *Zheng He

*The Silk Road * Tang Dynasty

*Chinese Calendar *Zhou Dynasty

*Festivals *Han Dynasty

*Chinese Art *Song Dynasty

*Clothing * Ming Dynasty

* Lucky Numbers and Colours


*The Silk Legend

How to Present my Information? Popplet, Powerpoint, Model with notes, Diorama.....

You will present your information to the class in a 5 minute "Show and Tell"in Week 10

Happy Researching, Mrs Coles