Feudal Japan

Learn about shoguns, daimyos, and more!


The Emporer was the ruler of Japan. He was at the top of the Feudal System. The Emporer was seen as almost god-like, though he had little power.


Shoguns were the second strongest level in the Japanese Feudal system. They were considered the real leaders of Japan. They were also the military leaders of Japan.
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The daimyo was a powerful figure and third on the Japanese Feudal System. The daimyo served the shogun. He had a lot of land and was in charge of the samurai. He paid the samurai to work and protect him.
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They were the warriors of ancient Japan. They served and protected their daimyo. They followed a code called Bushido. It translates into "Way of the Warrior". This code had seven main values and told the samurai to act courageously in battle and be loyal to their daimyo.
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Peasants and Artisans

The peasants and artisans were at the fourth level of the Japanese Feudal system. The were commoners and made up the largest class. Peasants were farmers and fishermen. Artisans created beautiful things like pottery.
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At the bottom of the Japanese feudal system were the merchants. They traded goods and owned shops. The Japanese believed the should be lowest because they had nothing to contribute to society.
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