Senior College & Career Newsletter

Week of Jan 16-22, 2022

Important Dates/Deadlines & Upcoming Events

Scroll through for more detailed information!


  • January 19 - Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship Presentation for Students with Household Income of 70K or lower (more info in Scholarship section)
  • January 28- Deadline for Counselors to Submit MYR (see Private/Common App Section)

  • January 23-February 8 CSF Application Period (more information next week)

  • Feb 10th - Senior Community College Fair and Information Night (More Info Next Week)

  • Feb 12th - Cash for College at SHS - Complete your FAFSA/Dream App (More Info Next Week)

  • January-March- Various CSU Applications Deadlines (see 'CSU Section)

  • March 2 - Priority Deadline for FAFSA/Dream Application

  • March 2 - Deadline for Cal Grant (Last Day to Submit FAFSA/Dream Financial Aid Application for Cal Grant Eligibility)

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness for Sequoia Students

January 31st

Teen Resource Center(TRC) is offering mindfulness training through the Mission Be Organization. The training will be online on zoom. Students will be trained on mindfulness practices and have the role as mindfulness ambassadors/mentors. They will help promote mindfulness at Sequoia among their peers. It could be as simple as leading a 1 minute mindfulness practice in class, during a club meeting, sports conditioning, etc. Or helping to think of ways to raise awareness regarding mindfulness as a coping skill to deal with stress.They will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the training. They can use this as community service and/or on college applications. It is open to 10th-12th grade students.

Below are the dates and times for the training.

  • January 31, 2022 9:30-12:30

  • We will provide Zoom link

  • There will be a follow-up session in April (possibly in person or online)

Students can contact Ms. Romero directly or come by the TRC to


College Events for Students

In Naviance go to the College tab and then click on 'College Visits' for a complete list of visits and to register!

College Club NOW During Flex Time!

If you need help and/or want to stay on track, PLEASE come to at least one of the Flex Time Sessions EVERY WEEK!


How to Request a Transcript - New Policy and Who Needs to Request a Transcript

New Policy to Request Transcript Second Semester

If you need a transcript sent to a college, scholarship, or program- There are two ways

College Tab on top of your Naviance homepage

  • Manage Transcripts
  • Click on the red plus sign ICON
  • Choose the type of transcript you need
  • If for a college, there will be a dropdown of colleges on your Colleges I'm Applying to List
  • If for a scholarship/program, choose OTHER, click on the type you need, and then put in the information for the Counseling Department to send it to

In Colleges I'm Applying to

  • Click on Request Transcript button

If you need your 7th semester transcript (with senior first semester grades), choose Mid-Year

If you need help, watch this short How To video

How to Request a Transcript for a College, Scholarship or Program on Naviance (2nd Semester 2022)

Who Needs to Request a Transcript on Naviance?

  • Common Application Schools - If on your Naviance account as a CA school, a MYR will AUTOMATICALLY be sent - DO NOT REQUEST - all will be sent by 1/28/2022

  • UC - It is rare that a UC request a transcript (usually an international transfer student) - DO NOT REQUEST unless the college emails or it is a “to do” item (send Ms Ignaitis a screenshot and she will send)

  • CSU - Varies from student to student and school to school. - Do not request unless the college emails or it is a “to do” item.

  • Out of State Schools (non Common App) - VARIES from student to student and school to school. PLEASE READ EMAILS and CHECK PORTALS.

Important Transcript REMINDERS

Add All College Applications – To “Colleges I’m Applying To” on Naviance

  • Please list every school that you applied to on Naviance including CSUs and UCs.
  • We can’t submit documents until you list them on Naviance.
  • Also, make sure you note that you submitted your application as well.

IF you see a CANCELED TRANSCRIPT request message on your Naviance account – it is because the Counseling department takes out all unnecessary requests (UC and Common Application Schools)

If you have any questions, email

I Took a Community College Course Last Semester (not PE) Do I Need to Send a Transcript?

Contact the colleges but most will need it sent.

It is your responsibility to send it through your community college portal.

Need to Submit an Unofficial Transcript?

How to Lookup your Transcript in Infinite Campus:

  • Log in

  • Go to Documents Tab

  • Download Transcript

Specific Four Year College Information By Type


Canceling or Withdrawing Application and Gap Year Question

From the UC Counselor Bulletin

Canceling or Withdrawing a UC Admission Application

Each campus has specific instructions See campus instructions

*This applies for students canceling or withdrawing prior to admissions

Question of the Month

Question: I have a student who will graduate in June 2022, take a gap year, and apply to UC for fall 2023 admission. He has not yet met the LOTE requirement and we are wondering if he takes a LOTE level 2 language course at a community college over the summer after graduation, will he be considered A-G eligible?

Answer: Students are required to complete all A-G requirements by the time of high school graduation, regardless of whether they plan to enter UC immediately or take a gap year. This student will not have met A-G requirements if he waits until the summer after graduation to complete the Area E/LOTE requirement.

REMINDER - Set up and check portals REGULARLY!


Frequently Asked Questions

From CSU Counselor Updates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the most frequently asked questions we are receiving from students:

I completed my CSU application, now what? What is my application status?

Students will receive an email from the campus(es) they applied to with login information to setup a personalized portal. They should regularly check both their emails and student portals.

I need to make a correction or update on my application, how do I update it?

Once a student submits their application, no changes can be made. They need to contact the campus(es) where they applied to report the update/correction. Campuses will need to change it in their system.

CSU Application Deadline EXTENDED

CSU Extended Application Due Dates


Dropping a College from Your SR/LOR Form

Please send ONE email to your teachers writing your LOR, your counselor and Ms Ignaitis stating which college you are no longer applying to

This is an important step to avoid confusion on the teacher side of what documents need to be sent. Thanks!!!

Adding a College to Your SR/LOR Form


  1. Pick up a new form from your counselor
  2. Complete the research for that specific college on the form (you do not need signatures just your name)
  3. Turn in the form to your counselor and complete Step 4
  4. With your counselor, add a NEW teacher LOR request on Naviance for the NEWLY ADDED COLLEGE

Transcripts and Mid-Year Reports (MYR) Information

All MYR will be submitted by Friday, January 28th

The counselors are still checking transcript but they will all be submitted by 28th

Common Application Schools Require a Mid-Year Report (MYR) Information

Most MYR include only your new GPA and 7th semester transcripts. They also include any change in course work listed on your School Report (SR).

MYRs will be sent automatically if you requested a SR through Naviance IF YOU HAVE LISTED THE COLLEGE AS A COMMON APP School (if there is a ? mark –EDIT it to Common Application if the school needs a MYR)

If you need to speak to your counselor about some personal situation that should be included in your MYR, please make an appointment right away.

Non Common Application Private Colleges

If you had a school report sent to a non- Common Application college, send an email to your counselor ASAP, if a MYR is required.


Applying to a Community College?

1. If you know your Social Security Number PLEASE SIGN UP for Flextime in College and Career Center - it takes 30 minutes!

2. Attend our Community College Fair and Information Evening on February 10th from 7-9pm

(details to come- hoping it is in person)

3. There will also be scheduled college application workshops during the school day with CSM, Canada and Foothill

It is important that all students submit their FAFSA/Dream Application to qualify for the Promise Scholarship - which pays for first two years of college!

Student Scholarships & Contests

Updated scholarship list on Naviance

Scholarship Meeting for High Achieving Low Income Students – January 19th

Scholarship Due date: Feb. 28th

The Pursuit of Excellence Scholarship will have a meeting during 7th period on January 19th

This scholarship is renewable (you get money for all four years in college) and has strict income guidelines around $70,000. Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 It is local and every year more than one senior from Sequoia receives this scholarship. For more specific information, please attend the meeting.

If you need a pass, pick one up in the College and Career Center.


Scholarship Opportunities

The majority of scholarship opportunities are available from January to the beginning of April.


Due 1/17

Must be attending a two- or four-year school in the Fall. Minimum GPA 3.0. Accepted for enrollment at 4-year college/university. Golfers given first priority. Answer essay question per website.


  • 9 scholarships from the Silicon Valley Foundation (DUE NEXT WEEK)
  • Al Teglia Jobs for Youth from San Mateo County (see below too)
  • eQuality for students who have done work with the LGBT community
  • Women in Business (PBWC)
  • Students Interested in Studying Law (PEO)

Al Teglia Jobs for Youth Scholarship

Due: January 30th

Al Teglia Jobs for Youth Scholarship provides college and vocational scholarships to Jobs for Youth participants. Each year, the program awards scholarships to deserving youth who would like to pursue their college/vocational education. Applicants must obtain a GPA of 2.0 and have attended a Jobs for Youth workshop and have registered as a Member

For more information or to apply please visit their website:

Click on the link below for the updated COMPLETE list of scholarships listed in Naviance

January 2022 Scholarship List

Engineering Scholarships

Click on the link for a website with a list of scholarships for students interested in engineering -

Engineering Scholarships

LegiSchool Project Essay Contest (11th/12th Graders)

Due January 26

As the internet continues to evolve and grow, kids are getting exposed to the digital world at an earlier age. Many resources are available for students to make smart choices both online and offline and to take ownership over the content they post. Why is Digital Citizenship so important today? How can more students protect themselves and their private information online? In what ways can more students learn about the safe use of online information and resources?

All current 11th and 12th graders are invited to cook up an idea and submit their essay response (2 page, typed, 12 point font, double-spaced) to our annual LegiSchool Essay Contest! Selected winners will be chosen to participate in the Virtual Legislative Sum­mit, where they will be able to share their thoughts and ideas with policymakers. Application Here

Safe Jobs for Youth Month Poster Contest

Due January 28, 2022

All youth between the ages of 14-18 who live in California can submit a Safe Jobs for Youth Month poster virtually, focusing on workplace health safety as it relates to teens. Check out 2022 Rules and Tips in the “Contest Materials” for more information.

The prizes are as follows: First Place: $300, Second Place: $200, Third Place: $100

For more information


Leyla Beban Young Authors Creative Writing Contest - open to all grades

DUE Feb 1st

Welcome aspiring young authors, and thank you for your interest in the $1000 for 1000 Words Creative Writing Contest! We’re looking for an outstanding piece of short fiction that consists of exactly 1000 words. While there are no specific guidelines beyond that, we encourage you to tell a story that matters. Write something you believe in. Tell a story that only you can tell. Our judges have no specific criteria in mind other than to look for excellence. In other words, write something that moves you that dazzles you that says precisely what you want to say in precisely the way you want to say it. As long as you do so in precisely 1000 words For More Information

2021 EngineerGirl Writing Contest

Due: Feb 1st

Every year EngineerGirl hosts a writing contest to encourage students (all genders), grades 3-12, to investigate engineering and the ways that it shapes our world. Their hope is that the competition can spark discussion and activities that can enhance or extend the love for STEM. Students must create a creative fiction story of a female main character using an engineering skill to solve a problem.

For more Information click here

Big picture

California Middle-Class Scholarship

Financial Aid Fact –

Did you know that the income cap for the California Middle-Class Scholarship has increased from $184,000 to $191,000?

All California families should apply, no matter what their income. For more information on financial aid at UC, please take a look at this short clip.

7 Easy steps to the FAFSA from UCSB

10 things you need to know about the California Dream Act from California Student Aid Commission

Get your FAFSA/CADAA Application in!

Seniors, you have only a couple of months left to get either your FAFSA or CA Dream Act Application in! Do not wait until the last minute.

If you know your the name and number on your Social Security Card, please sign up for Flextime in the College and Career Center to get your FAFSA ID. Students without a SSN, please come in and start the Dream Application


For students with a Social Security Number


CA Dream Act- DUE MARCH 2, 2022

For students without a Social Security Number.

Click for Financial Aid Information: English or Espanol

Families who would like assistance with the FAFSA or CADAA can make an appointment with Ms Ignaitis - Please have your student come in at brunch or lunch to make an individual appointment.

VIRTUAL Cash for College Events from California Student Aid Commission

The California Student Aid Commission (Commission) is pleased to announce the continuation of statewide Cash for College workshops aimed to provide information to help students and families complete the 2022-23 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or California Dream Act Application (CADAA).

• The webinars are FREE and open to all students and families applying for financial aid. We will have volunteers answering questions throughout the session via chat box (general questions only) and one-on-one assistance on a phone line after the webinar.

• Students can register for the webinars on the Cash for College Workshop Registration site. Current available webinars include:

o Wednesday, January 26, 2022 – 5:30pm – 7:30pm

o Wednesday, February 9, 2022 – 5:30pm – 7:30pm

o Thursday, February 24, 2022 – 5:30pm – 7:30pm

o Wednesday, April 13, 2022 – 5:30pm – 7:30pm

o Wednesday, May 18, 2022 – 5:30pm – 7:30pm

GET INVOLVED! Student Opportunities

click on the images below for opportunities to learn more and get involved virtually on and off campus!

Bank of America Student Leaders Program

DUE: January 28th

OVERVIEW: The B of A Student Leader Program is a summer 8-week paid internship with a nonprofit organization selected by the bank. It is designed to help students develop and apply leadership skills through hands-on work experience. Also a week-long all-expense paid student leadership summit in Washington DC to introduce students to civic, social and business leadership.

For more information or to apply:

Ongoing Student Volunteer Opportunities

Habitat for Humanity For More Information

Star Vista (16 or older, Crisis Training) For more information

Youth Advisory Board and Peer Mediators Click here or email

Project Read (10-12th) email Cassandra Levy

Healthy Cities Tutoring Visit

Big picture

CSU News - Expanding Nursing Pathway

Nursing Pathway Program Expands at the CSU

CSU campuses are cutting the time it takes for community college students to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree.

Ten CSU campuses are now offering the ADN-to-BSN program to make the path to earning a BSN more streamlined by removing unnecessary time and costs for students to become workforce-ready. Click here to read more.

Yard Work Close to Sequoia High School

$22 per hour,minimum two hours per week. Please text your contact info to Mr.Paul at 650-218-5577

Downtown RWC Job Opportunity: SF Gelateria

SF Gelateria is a gelato shop in downtown Redwood city, minutes walk from Sequoia High School. We have shop attendant positions for ages 16+ for students who love gelato and serving joy to our customers. Shifts are opening or closing shift, 5 hours each. 12pm-9:30pm Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday; 12pm-10:30pm Friday and Saturdays. Apply by sending resume to

Mathnasium of Redwood City

Looking for high school students with exceptional math skills through Algebra I and Geometry to join our team! We offer competitively paid part-time jobs at Sequoia Station with flexible scheduling and ongoing training opportunities. Our starting salaries are $15.50 - $19.00, depending on what level of math the instructors can teach.

Join us for the opportunity to make a REAL difference in a child’s life by passing on a love for math! If interested, please apply online at

Crate & Barrel is Busy and Looking for Workers!

Crate & Barrel at Stanford Shopping Center is currently building their team. Sales ~ Stockroom ~ Merchandising ~ Customer Service

Flexible hours. Day shifts & Evening shifts. Weekend availability is important.

Please fill out an application online.

Location: Palo Alto

Put my name down as a referral. (John Durkin)

Please fill out the online application. 16 years old with a work permit is the minimum age.

It’s a fun place to work. If hired, you enjoy a nice 30% off employee discount.

Please ask if you have any questions. Please send an email to for more details.

Chick-fil-A in Redwood City

Has open interviews every Monday from 2-5.

Apply at


How To Videos for students now on our website!

Students: visit the website for a number of How-To videos that Sequoia Counselors made for help with common application, scholarships and much more!
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